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Mine didn't have a crest or a keystone arrangement though. Since you've quoted a post of mine from 2006, I suppose it's only fair to update my thoughts on the navy blazer (and to sadly report that due to my changing size, I had to sell on my forest green one... ) I still don't like navy blazers. Not as garments per se, but as garments for me to wear. What I mean is that others can look perfectly decent in them; I just don't like them for myself. Since 2006, I've added a navy suit in a summer weight which has white MOP buttons. So I sometimes wear that jacket on its own, but I don't really consider that a navy blazer as such, given the white buttons. I suppose others might, but I conceptualise a navy blazer as having metal or enamelled buttons at least. I also don't really think of blue sportcoats with brown horn buttons as really being navy blazers, esp. single-breasted ones. I've also added a navy blue background odd jacket, but it's got a pretty prominent gun-club pattern on it. It just seems much more fun to wear that when I want to wear a blue odd jacket, than to wear a navy blazer. They just don't particularly inspire me aesthetically.
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Hadn't noticed the date: someon's exhumed a very elderly thread. I guess if we were confining 'blazer' to double breasted and metal buttons, then I'm with you. Very 'Swiss Tony'
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Count me out too, I love my navy BB Fitzgerald Blazer.
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I wore a DB navy blazer with 6 x 2 brass buttons (very Anglo-American style) from about 1985- 95. I abandoned it for a 3 button, navy blazer style. I am now thinking about returning to a DB blazer but in dark navy 6 x 2 dark buttons and possibly patch pockets.
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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post
blue blazer with gold buttons(like BB country club), old men only or not?

Since that's what I'm wearing today, I guess I'm an old man.
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