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Anyone familiar with the brand Custo? I just picked up two shirts by them today. The artwork is exceptional and original. I bought them primarily for clubwear, I figure the loud and colorfull designs would be perfect. These days I'm trying to stray away from the classic understated look that I've conveyed in the past. I'm going for more color, bolder designs/patterns, and more fashionable cuts. I'm finding the Helmut Lang/Calvin Klein-minimalist designs to be way too boring. I used to love this look. Has anyone noticed any trends toward this direction? What about yourself personally?
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Hey Mike, I love Custo. It's great for club wear as you described. He is showing at MB Fashion Week in NYC this year with mens and womens collections together. I have a few t-shirts long and short that have treated me well. The quality is good and the cut is nice. I understand your feeling of wanting some more color and interesting pieces. I tend to have a mix of both and switch constantly to keep things interesting. Go with what you like is my motto. Pete
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Pete, cool. What do you wear those shirts with? Right now, I'm just pairing them with jeans, but I have a nice pair of white pants that might work as well. Possibly a sportcoat too. When I was in Barcelona, I dropped by the boutique, with was quite nice in it's own right. The artwork is amazing.
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Custo t-shirts and shirts are really pretty cool. I used to be really into their designs, but for whatever reason, my enthusiasm has cooled somewhat in recent years (I think that I bought my last Custo tee in 2000, if I'm remembering correctly.) I still like to wear their tees under something else (like a half buttoned, solid colored shirt or zip cardigan.) They lend a bit of visual interest to an otherwise basic outfit.
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well it's at least the shirts and t-shirts and not their pants
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I don't have their pants, but I do think that the pants are also pretty cool. For some reason, most guys (myself included) look to their shirts and tops for visual interest, and usual staple pants or jeans, but there is no reason that this should be so, except that it you embarass yourself, throwing a sweater over your pants or just taking them off is not (usuall) an option.
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