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loose or baggy? too much?

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so i've been wearing the shit out of these pants because they are super comfy and very light. i was looking for some summery linen style pants when i came across these (thrifted)

they are good quality, and the fabric and pattern are wonderful

for some reason my left leg looks really weird here

i'm not entirely sold on the bagginess, but i thoroughly believe there's potential here. they are very long, and i have them thoroughly rolled at the bottom. perhaps hemming them a fair bit will remove some of the dumpiness?

perhaps i should just lose the belt and abandon them as formal "pants" and swap them out for just going with a loose button up- specifically for beach related activities? over top of trunks or something...

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They're definitely not formal. I also think linen pants with a sweater looks weird. Try a lighter top.
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more like ca?

would hemming them fix some of that large vertical draping?
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looks a lot better imo
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If they were hemmed to be a slimmer I think the vertical draping would be OK. As they are now they look too wide and too long, just sort of sloppy.
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Material looks pretty nice, and the top block fits well. I'd suggest getting them tapperd slightly from knee down, and hemming them. Loose is fine, but they're a bit too baggy IMO.
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I think baggy pants can look really good, and they definitely look fine here. It just what your comfortable with wearing.
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^^ Indeed. Lachy's advice is good, too
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put some damn shoes on, no one wants to see that shit
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Looks really unflattering imo
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