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Would anyone know of such a place in hk where i could get a pair of mtm khaki's at a decent price?

Interesting question. I'd ask your regular HK tailor if they carry cotton fabrics they carry. Decent price is relative so some $ parameters would give more feedback.

I bit the bullet and started getting khaki cotton trousers made when I visit HK. They run about US$120 a pair. I get to choose exactly the heft of fabric to get a drape I like (there are now two fabrics I order with the tailor). My problem is my physique doesn't lend it self to RTW and I end up spending tailoring for hemming and some adjustments here and there. In terms of strict $s I do better when I get a deal on SF incotex with nice fabric and workmanship but for $60-70 more I get pants that fit perfect (lost my first 2 pairs to an inch of good living). I also got a perfect hidden waistband pocket for my old phone (razr) that didn't mess up the line of my trousers and was in a comforable place.

I love the way my MTM khakis look. My wife thinks they elongate my legs (look taller) and are also slimming. At 5'5" vertical and more inches circumference than I care to think about...I need all the slimming and height help I can get.

Hope this helps. If you are interested PM and I will send you the details of the tailor I support.

May I ask the tailor you visited as I have exactly the same sort of situation except im 5'7" with big thighs