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If you're in Europe, why not take a train and go shopping in a tax free zone like Monaco?
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Originally Posted by josepidal
M@t, I'm intrigued by the possibilities of windowpanes. I never thought about them before. Would anyone think they're a tad too old mannish, or do they work for guys under 30?
im under 30, love my navy windowpane jacket, and love that cloth. definitely consider it younger than some of the other suggestions in this thread. i damn near bought that one myself but decided its too heavy for here, and too similar to my existing navy windowpane.
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Originally Posted by Beckwith

I noticed that fabric the other day and thought it was really nice. Living in NYC, what seasons do you think that can be worn? Is that a fall/winter jacket? or can it be strecthed into spring?


That fabric would be too heavy for late spring (end of may-june) unless the weather stays under 70 consistently. Although, given the ridiculous air conditioning in most NYC buildings, you can carry it with you in the summer months and wear it indoors It's actually a very nice fabric so if you do not get it, let me know cause I'll probably take it.
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Originally Posted by josepidal
Checks, the blazer is a bit more important for me for dressier purposes where a suit would be overkill. In Manila, the blazer is a happy compromise to even many evening functions. I accompanied my firm's founding partner to a testimonial dinner for a newly appointed Supreme Court Justice, for example, and he wore a blazer to that. He wore the same blazer when he went to the fraternity ball and had to accept this gigantic plaque because he was a golden jubilarian, having joined the fraternity in 1956.

That really makes me want to figure out where to have a blazer done before I leave. :P

By the way. What would you think of a blazer with brass buttons with the Harvard seal on them? I want one traditional jacket and figure the seal will be invisible unless someone looks up close, and I need to pick a design for buttons anyway.

If your object is to appear much older than you are, I'd say go for the blue blazer.
In any event, a blue windowpane would be proper for any occasion that a blue blazer would be okay in, yes? I don't see one style of blazer as more appropriate than another, unless you're talking about patch pockets or something, but there are others here who know better...
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