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CT Patent Leathers?

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I need a pair of patent leathers. I've been bluffing it for a while with some black captoes, but I have enough black-tie events coming up that I've decided to make the plunge, and I'm tempted to take advantage of Charles Tyrwhitt's 50% off everything to pick up a pair from them.

My dilemma is this: I have wide feet, so normal-width shoes often don't fit well. Does anyone have idea whether there's a CT shoe made on the same last or the same shape that I could try on? The NY store doesn't have the patent leathers, but it has a number of other shoes, so I was thinking maybe I could determine sizing by proxy and then put in the order via the web site once I know what fits. CT does not sell the patent leathers in a wide fit.

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CT shoes are by Loake. If you go to http://Pediwear.co.uk they have AFAIK all the same models that CT sells, or at least most of them. If you find the model of the patent shoe, it should tell you the last number. You can then find other shoes on that last and try them on.

Edit: Ok, nevermind, it looks like they don't have the patent shoes on Pediwear. Someone might be able to tell you where you can find it.
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That is a brilliant idea. Exactly the sort of trick I was looking for. Thanks. I love this forum...
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Shirtmaven posted earlier that he wears a wide fit and that CT works for him. I would order them and if they don t fit send them back. Not alot of risk for you.
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I couldn't find shirtmaven's post. And I can't find any Loake-branded patent-leathers online either...

I suppose what I'll do is head into CT, try on something vaguely similar and take my chances. I could also ask the store to order a pair in, according to the salesman... But I'm not sure how long that would take.
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I also have wide feet (US11E), and fit great in CT UK 10.5F in the calfskin captoe which is the equivalent of the Loake Wells. If I were you, I'd go with your STANDARD US SIZE in CT shoes. CT downsizes 1/2 size in their conversion.

CT also offers "G-fitting" shoes, which are around US EEE width. The CT F-fitting, at least in lace-ups, is US E/EE width. The patent leathers are available only in F-fitting, which should be wide enough.

Both the calfskin and regular line of CT shoes I have fit about the same, though to be sure, try on a non-calfskin shoe like the suede brogue or the cheaper black captoe.
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Thanks. I tried on the captoe oxfords in the NY store this morning. The smallest shoe I could get my foot into was an 11 (UK). Those felt good on the balls of my feet but were pretty snug on my heels, which I assume is a function of the shape of the shoe. I often wear EEE or EE shoes. As I recall, CT doesn't sell an 11.5 UK, so I'm a bit torn about whether to pull the trigger on the 11s. I may go to their other NY store and see if they have the patents there.
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So, I bit the bullet and bought the CT patents tonight. Their 7th Avenue store in New York had exactly one pair in my size, which had been put on hold for someone else who hadn't come back to buy them. While I was there and using the 50% coupon, I picked up a sevenfold tie and a Sea Island shirt (I know how popular CT shirts are around here; I find I like the fit, at least at half-price. Sue me. )

A couple of observations about the shoes though: They are somewhat square-toed, unlike their other oxfords, so a different last. A little bit wider in the heel too, which in my case is a plus. They are marked differently on the inside from the rest of the CT shoes. That, and the fact that Loake does not list a patent leather for sale leads me to conclude that they are probably sourced from somewhere else. I have no idea where. But they seem good enough, considering what I paid. Given how often I wear a tux, it seemed like a shame to pay any more than I did. And the shoes are better at any rate than the $35 plastic ones I nearly bought last fall in desperation.

I can post pics of the shoes if anyone cares enough to want to see what I'm talking about with the shoes. But I'm too lazy to do so unless someone actually asks...

Thanks again for everyone's suggestions.
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Hmm, wish I had caught this yesterday. Bennie's has a ton of Grenson patent shoes as part of their big sale. Might be another option for you if you decide you don't like the toe. Higher price range, though.

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Thanks for the tip, but Bennie's doesn't have them in my size (good thing, too, or I'd be tempted to double down... ).

Those 10.5 Ds are the bane of my existence. All my life I've had people measure my feet and sell me 10.5 Ds that don't fit, and I've usually ended up walking around in them in pain for months, waiting for the day they'd break in. Which they never did. Come to think of it, I got married in a pair of shoes like that. Cheaneys. They're still in my closet.

The moral is, I'm going to resist talking myself into buying the 10.5 D patent leathers from Bennie "just in case" this time, they fit...

But thanks for the headsup.
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