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i just drew lapo elkann on my german armies for a shot of ezz-sprezz-a
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I like my German Armys.

For the OP: I think any sort of plimsol, as Teger mentioned, will give you what you are looking for. Also check out Adidas SLVR line of shoes. they have some slimmer profiles and a few of their models are on sale iirc.
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Originally Posted by Hummingbird View Post

Definitely, seavees pantones own
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This is my first post so I guess I should say hello first.

I'll vouch for the Clae's. I'm a big fan of the high top Russell, and I've found that they fit more comfortably if you size up a half size. The shoes are well constructed and extremely comfortable. I'd also recommend Gourmet shoes if you're looking along these lines. Some people will say their styles are Jordan knockoffs, but I've found them to be a cleanly designed shoe.
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Thanks everyone.
Found some I like...
pretty much identical to Common projects achilles in terms of cut and about a quarter the price. Obviously, nowhere near the quality, but w/e. I had a coupon...snagged em for 40$ at krmaloop
(aka cheapgangstervillage)

yuh, i kno...supra. The model name is "thunder"- i've seen them in black aswell as a bright blue too. All the little skateboarding shits who are like 12 are wearing em now...but these are really clean and mature.
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They make a low version of that?
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[I think Adidas is sort of the king of the mainstream lo-key sneakers
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If you can find them, check out pointer. Their site hasn't been updated in a while, most thorough catalog that I know of would be on EDIT: removed due to not reading properly
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been looking for these size 11/11.5 for the longest time.
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LOFL @ this retard spammer above me.
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yeah he posted in LA Guy's shoplist... wonder what's gonna happen, lol.
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Originally Posted by alexr1993 View Post
im not a retard spammer and this is legit google it if you dont believbe me google karma loop rep system n using my code gets 20% off

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Originally Posted by JSTF View Post

been looking for these size 11/11.5 for the longest time.

Dude- I have these. I can't recommend them. They fell apart so easily, and the tongue is made of this funny foam material and the paint chips of like a mawfucka and leaves an ugly grey cheap suede exposed. Don't blow 110$ bucks on them like i did!

Try Nike Air Elan's in white. There cleaner cut and very similiar, maybe a little heavier on the wallet.
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