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With the upcoming F/W '09, it's time to talk about the onslaught of the masses wearing - NORTHFACE gear and their similarities. Like it or not, these jackets will be around for a long time; and with a not-too-long-ago recently opened distribution center in Ohio, the east-coast will become even more blanketed; but, I am curious as to why "fashionistas" (some) cringe and gag at the sight of one? I'd really like to hear your opinions.

I personally own some of the most exclusive, if not expensive, models from TNF - Vanquish (denim blue), Mammatus (blk), Agency (blk/gry/asphalt), Diad (red), imo they compliment all of jeans very nicely.
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I used to have a few TNF jackets in the past. Most of them were very poorly designed and constructed. It was obvious with the Nuptse and Denali jackets that TNF made them for fat people who had no inclination of venturing outdoors. I still have my Denali jacket, but it's reserved for running the snowblower because I don't want any of my other jackets smelling like two-stroke engine exhaust. Although, aside from the logo, I do love my Base Camp duffel, which has traveled all over the world with me.
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I don't mind some of the Northface's designs (though some are pretty wack). The problem is they put their logo on everything, and everyone and their brother will have the exact same jacket as you. For those 2 reasons I will probably never buy a NF product.
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1) Arc'teryx performs better 2) TNF is too overplayed and worn by layman who aren't into the outdoorsy stuff...looks tacky imo
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Originally Posted by onion View Post
I don't mind some of the Northface's designs (though some are pretty wack). The problem is they put their logo on everything, and everyone and their brother will have the exact same jacket as you. For those 2 reasons I will probably never buy a NF product.

+1 -

imo I think this is the #1 problem - imagine this one day while riding along interstate 5, "Welcome to TNF City"
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Patagonia. Problem solved.
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thread tittle should have read

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I have a North Face softshell I use for outdoors stuff
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i like the northface products, they are actually quite warm and more of a useful item rather than "the latest hot fashions off the paris runway item"

i would get another in my life...

my winter jacket beats the hell out of any other winter jacket i have... so warm I am fine in the winter with just a tee shirt underneath, just wish i bought it when i was more concious of fit... it is a size too big :\\
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Brand is generally over designed and underperforms for the price. Vintage pieces and .jp stuff are where it's at.

That said, I have a Denali and Mountain Guide II jacket that both serve me well.
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They are practical, but are ugly and way too common.
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To me they just say "I'm a tourist."

I've also had a girl tell me "don't get your girlfriend a wool coat...get her something more fashiony like a North Face." I laughed my ass off.

What do you guys think of suburban and college couples getting matching Denali jackets? I see this all the time. I know TNF is an easy target but sometimes we just need target practice.
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Trivia: In 1966, North Face began a small retail and mail order operation in San Francisco's North Beach area. The Grateful Dead played at the store during celebrations.

Mauro, we can still do a collab w/Arcteryx - then maybe we can have the Foo-Fighters or Pearl Jam at the Clarendon store.
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Originally Posted by thenanyu View Post
Patagonia. Problem solved.

Yep...Patagonia or Solomon are the only acceptable choices!
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I've been into backpacking and camping for as long as I can remember so I guess I associate tech brands with being wearable for certain activities more than others; I don't wear my work clothes when I'm just hanging out nor do I show up to a wedding in a t-shirt and jeans. Simply put, I consider outdoor brands part of a uniform that takes up a certain part of my closet. It probably has to do with one's exposure and experience with tech brands. To get an idea of what I mean, walk into a specialty shop like REI or Hudson Trail and take a look at the photos hung up on the wall. You won't see scenes of people hanging outside a Starbucks or shopping at the mall while wearing sick Columbia jackets. I realize that yes, they're trying to sell an image along with the brand but it's not so far-fetched when the clothes are specifically designed for outdoor activities. While a jacket works just as well in Dallas as it does in Denali, it personally doesn't feel right. When I put on a NF jacket my mind is on "camping" mode just the way most people who put on a tie go into "work" mode. I'm sure it also has to do with simple economics and function. If a person is cold they're going to get the most readily-accessible jacket they can get from a brand known for working under extreme conditions (or at least a brand they recognize the general public endorsing.) Walking into a sporting goods store for a cold jacket makes much more sense to a majority of people than does going boutique.
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