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@abc5 Good notes there. Shoe cream eh? That is interesting. Surely the cream still leaves some stains on any surface you touch? CJ are responsive I give them that. However, I missed out on the discount as it was an unannounced sale by their management. About 5 more weeks to wait till they're done.

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hi, oh no... no residue whatsoever... this product.  i've already used it in past years on my office bag as well as my every day dress belt, wallet, anything fine leather!


it's fantastic product.

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i wanted to follow up because at the beginning of this year or tail end of last, the index finger of my glove lost its touch screen ability.  I lived with it for weeks until I thought of writing to Chester Jeffries. 


Shaun replied back to me that he'd make me a replacement pair.  Eh?  cool.


I asked if he could also make the fit better, because their standard sizing actually seemed strangely off to me in several areas, width of the palm, and the fingers actually seemed rather long yet the spacing in between the fingers seemed too shallow for me, as if the glove size was for a person with just large palms.  I forgot what size I got, but when I placed the order I didnt do custom/bespoke because it was already winter, and i didnt want to wait the extended time for a bespoke order, the winter was a abnormally cold one.


I sent mine back as he requested in the spring time and I got it back a few weeks ago.  This week I had time to open the package.


What a sleek looking pair, thought it looked like a pair of womens gloves.


I wasn't thinking it would fit me until I slipped them on.


Absolutely Amazing fit, gorgeous.

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wanted to add some pics:

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Originally Posted by abc5 View Post

wanted to add some pics:

What an amazing pair of gloves!!! Is it bespoke?
I guess you have worn them this winter: how do they feel? Is it the Paris style? I want a pair now 😁
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Hi, thanks for your interest. Yes I wore them for newyears eve as well as the weekend overall in general.  I absolutely love them.  smooth, thin, taut.  when i asked Chester about my fit concerns and he replied yes he can make the fit better, i thought he was modding the standard 9.5 for me, but likely not.


what happened was i sent in the faulty glove with lots of tape compressing the areas of all fingers and palm that i found too loose, plus sent in pictures and a trace of my hands, and quite frankly a xerox copy of my hands.


when i got the new pair that fit me like a glove, i emailed him with a great thanks for modding a glove so exact.



but maybe 2 months? after my never acknowledged words of gratitide (wasnt seeking a reply)


i got an automated email asking how was my 8.5 standard glove.



so i take it he determined my dimensions would work with a 8.5 standard fit.  it sure does.



so no its not bespoke, standard options.  last year when i placed the order it was maybe oct-nov.


had i bespoked it, it would have i recall saying to myself at the week i finalized my order, the bespoke wouldnt arrive for half the winter and then possibly delayed further due to holiday shipping volume which carriers get slowed by.



when they arrived i thought maybe it was a bad idea to have the blue glove with the phone sensitive inner which is black only.  i wanted the glove all blue.


i dont really mind it actually these days.



we'll see about the longevity of the touch though, i will wear it tomorrow but this weekend was the first weekend i needed to use it so far all this winter.


any further inquiries feel free.

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oh yes its the paris fit.

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Anyone else have more pics of any of the shades of the brown cape or deer?
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