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Originally Posted by mr monty View Post
I got my peccary gloves from ebay at a price that was hard to beat w/good quality http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-MEN-pecari-P...d=p3286.c0.m14
Is that the TAN cognac color in the picture? A little bit confusing as some are listed as "TAN cognac" and some only "cognac". Also, how are they size wise? Because the listing says "S-XL (6.5,7,7.5,8)", and I'm usually an 8 which would be closer to small I guess. Thanks! /C (I'm choosing between these and a pair of Chester Jeffries, therefore the slight hijack).
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So I had a bad experience with CJ / CJ customer service. Would it be so wrong to try them again?
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Originally Posted by rjmaiorano View Post
Can someone tell me the purpose of the 3 lines on the top of the glove?

The purpose of the darts on the back of the glove is to provide a snug fit and somewhat help prevent stretching.
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Originally Posted by Dewey View Post
They took payment and sent me a standard size. I was baffled, thinking I had ordered made-to-measure gloves.
You need to send them an outline sketch of your hand for that.

I'm thinking of going through them, but want the most supple I can get, kidskin or chamois. I think cape is too rough. But waiting 7 weeks for hand sewn is a little pressing compare to 2 weeks for machine sewn.
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Ordered 8/30. Received 9/17. I ordered two pairs and used an old form from Chester Jeffries that showed the measurements they would need for a MTM pair. In the end, I got one pair that seems MTM and one RTW. They fit about the same. Nice gloves. Will try to snap pictures at some point.
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That's my concern, just wondering how much better the fit is between hand traced pair and one off the rack standard size.

Most gloves fit nicely that I've tried in the stores, so it's just decide between hand sewn or machine. And they do have chamois, just have to ask for it.
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Remember, there is a one off 20GBP upcharge for bespoke gloves from CJ - after that a unique paper pattern is made and kept for you. You will need to send a tracing of your hands for it.
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I had gotten an email from them stating the machine sewn is more skin fitting than the hand sewn using a tracing. Due to the inseam of machine having the stitches inside instead of handsewn having stitching on the outside, it will look cleaner for the stitching being inside. But since mine will be unlined most likely I'll be able to feel the extra roughness in the fingers.

Also they said the Paris model is more form fitting.
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I have just received my Snowdon's. Including p&p and VAT, I got them for £38. They have them on offer at present. Perfect for everyday wear and tear.
I have very long fingers, and find it hard to get gloves to fit just right, so CJ's are right up my street. These are well worth the price, fit great, very comfortable and are of such good quality.
Well pleased with them!!
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I have to recommend this company. My wife had had some fingerless unlined chamois gloves that we bought at the Connolly closing down sale. She wore them practically all the time and they were getting nearly unwearable. After speaking to Chester Jeffries they suggested sending in the gloves with a hand trace and they would tell me the cost of handmade identical replacements. The price they came up with was very reasonable £25.75 per pair and within 3 month they rang up when the gloves were ready to charge me for them. The next day three pairs of the gloves in different shades of leather arrived and my wife could not be happier. The design was practically the same as the ones we had sent and not an adapted standard. Would that all bespoke commissions were so quick and so reasonable!
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I want to bump an old thread as I am considering ordering myself a pair. I have the problem that I have long fingers, small wrists, and a very small thumb, so gloves tend to fit me rather poorly. Does anyone have more recent experience with them in terms of durability and construction quality? In my searching, I see that one member photocopied his hand, which I will definitely do if I opt to order.

Thanks all.
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Mine are still holding up fine after two or three years.  I can't speak to construction quality otherwise, but I'm happy with my purchases.  

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Does anyone have a pair of lambskin gloves they can vouch for? They cost quite a bit more than the cape leather...
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I just ordered a pair and am not waiting for them. Can't comment on quality, but the customer service is fantastic. They even sent me some leather swatches in a variety of shades that I chose, which was very helpful because I think I made a different choice than I would have by just looking at the web site's color choices.
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Originally Posted by Achilles_ View Post

Does anyone have a pair of lambskin gloves they can vouch for? They cost quite a bit more than the cape leather...

I have the Grasmoor.


I like them, but they're not as "suede-y" as I expected, different texture, maybe a bit like chamois. And I think they're too big*/rough/casual to wear with a (somewhat) formal overcoat.

*Because of the thick lambswool lining; the size is fine.
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