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I don't mind the discussion of political issues at all, and especially those that relate to clothes and style. However, this thread is in the Men's Clothing Forum, and it was about custom shirts. I'd appreciate if the talk about cheap labor costs etc. could be moved to its own topic in the forum, possibly under General, so that the people who are interested in the shirts themselves can have a comfortable place to talk about them, and the people interested in the political or moral questions involved in production or purchase of clothing made cheaply abroad can discuss those issues separately. The Style Forum takes no official view on the use of 'cheap labor' for the manufacture of clothing. j.
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J: Point well taken. For those of you who are interested, please check under Jantzen Challenge in General.
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Luxury goods tend to be made in affluent countries such as Italy, France, the U.K., Germany, Canada, and the U.S.,
Generally I'm in concurrance, but with one quibble. Italy is not, in the general sense, a "rich country". True, Northern Italy (Milan, etc.) is the richest area in the world, eclipsing NYC, Paris, and London. However, Southern Italy taken by itself is basically a third-world country, with labour rates barely above those implied by the comparison. Surprise, surprise: most "Made in Italy" clothing comes from south of Rome. An optimal blend, if you will, of low costs and ritzy label. (For more on the divides in Italy, American political scientist Bob Putnam has written some really good -- and amazingly readable, considering... -- stuff.) Peace, JG
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