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Custom shirts

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Does anyone know of another site like jantzentailor,com that makes custom shirts. I can't believe how inexpensive their shirts are. I've found difficulty ordering though. Has anyone ever ordered from here before? I've emailed them asking a few questions. If I do have sucess ordering, I'll let you guys know.
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I've been to the site, and I think I'll be ordering one of their shirts within the next month, to test the quality of construction. I don't have an American Express card, but I'm told they accept direct bank transfers. Another message board - for working professionals in Hong Kong - brought me to the site. Apparently, Jantzen are a full-service tailor (suits, dinner suits, topcoats) as well as a shirtmaker, and the quality is very good. I wouldn't be surprised - I think the vast number of competitors bring out the best in most Hong Kong tailors. The only ones you need to watch out for are the ones that promise suits in 24 hours, or the ones that offer a package of 4 suits, 4 shirts, an overcoat and 10 ties at one low, low price. Like Mike C, once a finished product is in my hands, I'll let everyone know if it lives up to the hype. Cheers, Nick.
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Just got a reply from Jantzentailor. They stated that all combinations of options on shirts are $38.00 and S&H (to the US) is $5.20. As for the secure order form; he stated that they have been in business for 30 yrs. and have had no problems with it. I also asked if there are any other payment options than Amex, which didn't get an answer. Nick; explain the bank transfer further. I don't understand what you have to do for it. It looks like I'm definatly gonna order from these guys. I'll see if my parents have an Amex or if the bank transfer thing works out. I've researched some other online custom shirt makers and none other comes close to these guys in options. In fact they are the only ones I've found who offer MOP buttons; plus they have the lowest prices.
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Nick; explain the bank transfer further. I don't understand what you have to do for it.
Well, it depends on the retailer - some eBay sellers offer a similar payment method. It's just wiring the money - what I'd imagine happens is that you place your order via e-mail or their online form, and they send you the name of their bank branch and an account number. They'll probably give you an order number too. Then, you go to your bank - or Western Union, or your online banking website, if your bank supports one - and you can send cash to that account. There's usually a 'description' field where you can input what the transfer is for - so you write 'for order #12345' or 'order for Mike C' or whatever. They'll give you their preferred form, I guess. Who knows, they might even PayPal... Best of luck to both of us, Nick.
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My experience from Thai tailors is that you have to test the waters before you go in. My Thai shirts didn't survive the first washing. That was mostly due to the interlinings but they really didn't recover. There is a guestbook on the site and it's full of glowing reports from customers but I took them with a grain of salt... I'm looking forward to reading your report - at this price the shirts are a steal . Bjorn
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I'm interested to see how you guys make out. I'm suspicious of REALLY low prices on custom myself. The first three I ordered here locally 5 or 6 years ago didn't turn out all that well. When it comes to mistakes buying what I thought were bargains, I've made them all. Mike C., if you want to spend a little more, I know a guy in NYC (also online) who I think does a really good job. Plus I have another who doesn't have a store in New York, but is nationwide and online. However, you'd be looking at around $100 to start. And of course there's a few listed in the 9/02 issue of GQ, starting with Seize Sur Vingt at around $160. Behar is online, and Talbott has a local retailer list for his program.
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here is a good online shirtmaker i have used in the past, before moving up to borrelli. i strongly suggest you pay a local tailor to take your measurements as described on the site: (shirts by arthur gluck, NYC)
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The Foxx, How much is a shirt from you online shirt marker? Does it better than borrelli shirts?
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I went to I don't think they are custom tailor shirts. They just make it with size, standard style (nothing like their name creation.....very standard business style) By the way, if you need custom size addition US$25 Foxx said that custom... And the prices are quite high compare other web site. Any other web site suggest???
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I heard about .www.jantzentailor.comof Hong Kong. They made such high quality shirts. They are pretty well known in Manhattan I-banker. And Brooklyn of the Jewish peoples. The price seems pretty reasonable. And the workmanship just like arts.
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i guess the shirtcreations would be considered a made to measure....they have a measurement chart on how to take the 5 or 6 measurements of yourself, then fill out the forms. as for the quality, it is no where NEAR borrelli or that caliber, that is for sure. why not find a really good shirt on ebay in your collar size, then have a tailor shorten the sleeves (and even take in the body, if need be) to fit you? you'd have a really fine shirt, and a great fit.
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The Foxx, You said you have made shirt from past. You seem like not sure how they make measurement. They charge US$25 for custom size. (most shirts cost more than US$100.00) And the quality is way too fast from Borrelli shirts. (Borrelli use only extra thick M.O.P. buttons and hand-made button holes and the shoulder seams are made by hand) If you say, you can get your collar size in e-bay and shorten the sleeves and the boby in the tailor and alterations shop. Then you are not a good dressed man. Also, if you take good alterations in New York, I think it cost more than a really custom tailor shirt from jantzen tailor, right.
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I have friend told me. They are very popular in Hong Kong. New York Manhattan area (investment banker) Brookly, the Jews area. Are very popular too.
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JanX, you wouldn't happen to be somehow associated with Jantzen Tailor, would you? I think the majority of us on the forum are concerned primarily with quality, and that is something we need to see with our eyes and feel with our hands, no matter what the reputation of the company or the price of the garment. If price were the determining factor in quality, Prada would be out of business.
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My guess is that many of us who live in metropolitan areas can find a cheap custom tailor, especially if that city has a chinatown. Surely, New York isn't the only place with Hong Kong tailors...
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