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Re-Rolling a Lapel, NYC

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Does anyone have experience doing this? I have a couple of jackets and I am trying to decide who to take it to. I've used Peppino for other things, but given the importance, I'd prefer not to take the risk with him. I was thinking Meurice, Paulette, Alexi or Wilfred, but if anyone has other suggestions, please post them.

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Any competent dry cleaner can do it IF the lapel has not been smashed flat in the past. If so, the lining is permanently creased in a way that you may never completely erase.
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Have you tried steaming it yourself? 'Pop' the collar up and steam the crease inside and out.
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I have a a Paul Stuart blazer that actually rolls past the top button of a two button jacket. Can I simply have the lapels steamed to sort of raise the roll, i would like it a little higher than the top button. Hope this makes sense to everyone.
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I did my own. Turned out great any decent dry cleaner or tailor should be able to do it. If its canvased your fine and can always be repressed to wear it should be.
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