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New Sportcoat: What to Wear with It?

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I just picked up this Arnold Brant sportcoat from STP. I know Brant may not be the greatest quality, but I've been looking for a veratile blazer/sportcoat, and the price was definitely right. So the question is, will this look ok with jeans? How about grey flannels? What kind of shirts/ties/pocket squares would work? I've never had anything like this in corduroy...

Thanks for the help!

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If its navy almost anything tie wise and pocket square wise as long as it goes with your outfit. Pants i would do any greys probibly more charcoals and medium greys and khaki colors. The darker the better and probibly with more olive in them. I can't make out what color the stripe is in the jacket. Just a self stripe?
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There's no stripe - It's actually fine-wale corduroy. I was a little concerned that corduroy would be too casual to work with wool trousers/tie...
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In that case i wouldn't do flannels. They are usualy a bit more formal. Wools you can get away with but i usually see corduroy as a casual jacket and to be worn with jeans or cottons.
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I could see a similar ensamble as pictured in the photo.

White shirt with blue-hued check pattern
Blue striped or patterned tie with a little bit of pink in it
Pink pocket square
Tan cotton flat-front pants (Maybe Borrelli?)
Nice medium brown antiqued bals or monk straps
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Interesting blend of fabrics.

You could wear it with blue jeans, preferably not too light or dark and without a pocket square or tie. It would look better with a more colorful button-front shirt than the one pictured.

"Tan cotton flat-front pants" is a good alternative, tie and pocket square optional.
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a bright washed boot cut jean would work well with brown shoes.
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I think that jacket (and cords in general) goes great with jeans.

Personally, I would be careful with cords and jeans because it won't take long before you look like an old newspaper reporter. Similiar to this pic from the Sartorialist.

I like more modern looks and the person's clothing in the pic by the Sartorialist looks outdated to me. But, as I said before, it's a matter of personal opinion.

I'll second the khakis and flannel pants. Cord. fabric wouldn't go well with wool IMO.
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That's a very versatile coat. Almost any color of chinos, moleskins, jeans (if you can pull off white jeans, that would work well), I might try gray or an earth tone wool herringbone pants, etc. Just no cords.

Shirt wise, stay in the casual range, soft oxford cloth, gingham, checks, plaids etc. No broadcloths, no hard spread collars. Pink would go very well, along with almost any color, bright or pale. Judge by your complexion.

Ties, again more casual - knit or soft woven silks, wool wovens or knits, cashmere blends, etc.
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Originally Posted by lawyerdad
But please, not with jeans.

It would definitely work well with jeans.
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Awesome. Thanks for all the suggestions. It just shipped, so I should be able to start experimenting in a few days...
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