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What shirt collar for skinnier tie and suit?

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What type and size of shirt collar should I wear if my suit is cut to be on the skinny side? I also plan on wearing a skinnier tie (maybe 2.5 to 3 inches across the widest part).
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I wear primarily skinny ties because its more of a casual thing for me and i find button up collars work very well because of the casualness of it

regular spread collars also look good, as well as collars without too much of a point

i find spread collars dont look very good with a skinny, rep tie


this example i dont find looks very good
too much space
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personally, I like to wear buttondown collar shirts+thin tie with my skinny suits, esp if they are high buttoning. that style is more of a mod thing....

but otherwise I find that collars like

- simi rounded


- long regular pointed (esp if it's a lower buttoning skinny suit... a la dior homme)

or a regular pointed collar looks fine

those are my preferences
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If you're looking for sleek/fashion forward, I could see a tall collar working for this purpose. Or, if you're going for the hip trad look, a buttondown. Depends on what you're going for.
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I would suggest a fairly straight or close point collar. 2.5-2.75 in length of the point.

make sure the lining is not too heavy. even non-fused.
I would stay away from a very high collar band.


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Skinnier tie should go with skinnier collared shirt and narrow lapeled suits IMO.
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Thanks for the tips, guys. I'm going for a more fashion forward look. Any advice on retailers that may have shirts for this look? I don't want to break the bank, either.
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Button-down. You could also go with one of those hip 1960's era Continental button-downs that you see in the French and Italian cinema.
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Maybe something like this.

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