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I have two sets of friends, one set in United States and one in Hong Kong. Keep in mind I just graduated from high school. There's a whole spectrum in the US. I'll call myself the gold standard. After me is a group of friends who kind of GQ guys. They're mostly into Lacoste and Polo, which is pretty good. They had that transition phase where they accumulated some Express polos and black suits that they still wear but I've observed that their newer suit purchases have been more SF-approved styles. I have a feeling that at least one of them has been on SF a few times but isn't an active member. The rest of them are mall-average. Don't wear anything offensive. Some of them are into the whole hypebeast-y thing but you guys have to realize that this so called hypebeast aesthetic has changed a lot since you guys graduated from it, and maybe something like 30% of Hypebeast's WAWYT could be posted here and not get blasted. Jeans are typically pretty average Levis. Shoes are usually Vans and lower profile athletic sneakers. Their idea of dressing up varies from the blacked out look, the black suit and black skinny tie look, or the weird shade of blue shirt with tent like Dockers look. V-Necks have been finding a way into people's rotations after previously being called gay, and boat shoes are all the hype even though I started wearing them two years ago when people called me out for wearing 'grandpa shoes' The worst dressed are the kind of ghetto people who honestly don't give a shit and the loser-y people who wear stuff like A&F because they thought it was pretty cool 5 years ago and never bothered to buy new clothes. I was with my best friend here at Bloomingdales or Macy's and he said how he saw one of the GQ guys here buying a pair of $100 jeans and how crazy he was... Then I laughed with him, while wearing my Skulls. On topic of jeans, I got a new pair of Naked and Famous and my girlfriend's mom saw them and asked me what jeans they were. I didn't know what to say and when she asked me if they were Gap I just said yes. Hong Kong friends are a little different. For one they all have access to Uniqlo, so the 'low' is a lot better than in the US. For the uninspired, they just wear basics and cheap clothes, and Uniqlo does a great job at that. Worst dressed people are the people that wear A&F because they actually like it and think it is cool. A lot of my male friends for whatever reason are just into all white sneakers. While no one has any MMM or CPs, they all wear decent non baller sneakers. Stan Smiths, alright looking Lacoste sneakers, Converse... It's not that bad. We also have access to cheap tailors so when they wear suits, on average they have much better fits than their American counterparts who swim in their suits. People from both groups are high on Ray Bans (especially the Wayfarer) and most of them have knock offs that they usually wear. A lot of girls in the states tend to like my style and the ones that are more fashion-y know I dress better than the GQ guys. I've only picked up dressing better in the last 3 years and whenever I'm in Hong Kong I'm usually wearing really casual clothing because it's the summer, so no girls there have ever commented on my style. My ex and current girlfriend are both more of the thrifty kind. My ex is a lot more fashion oriented and thrifts because she's into the whole vintage look, and when I first met her she was into the whole high rise mom jeans turned into jean shorts look or whatever the fuck that was. She also dresses in like those weird drapey clothes, nautical sweaters, other clothes in nice patterns and has a leather jacket that kind of looks like a DR. Nothing too out there. If there was a StyleForum for woman she would be on that. My current girlfriend thrifts more out of necessity, and her mom actually builds a lot of her wardrobe... I actually wouldn't mind thrifting with her mom. She's not one that falls for trends and her thrift finds are usually pretty good. She looks for brands she knows and has thrifted a good amount of decent looking J Crew items and other mid-high end brands. One time she found a Burberry trench at a fairly good price and really thought about buying it. I think her most recent pick up was a Sterlingwear Peacoat that she wanted to get tailored to fit her daughter. She actually asked me if I wanted it but it was a size too small for a slim fit and I already had that exact jacket in my size.
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You seem like a great guy.
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My best friend wears dirty white Adidas sandals all the time, it's fucking disgusting. He also has denim shorts. At least I can say they aren't cut-offs, if that makes it any better. Lastly, I don't think he owns a t-shirt without some stupid ass picture on it or a stupid ass quote. I'll list some of them off.
- I pee in pools
- My entourage couldn't make it
- I do all my own stunts
- A couple stupid Family Guy shirts (and he clams to hate the show, WTF?)

I'm sure there are more but I can't remember the rest. And he has the fucking balls to make comments on my clothes, every time I wear a button up shirt he makes some fucking ignorant ass comment about designer this, or designer that. All because he heard me talking about jeans with a gay guy. Oh, and his only suit is black.
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this may be the best picture on sf. pause.
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I constantly get remarks that "your pants are too tight" or gay comments. But, that's what you get when you live in fucking Roanoke, Virginia and all your friends are medical students.

If you get those comments in Roanoke, VA, imagine the comments I get in the Deep South! :-)
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I have a few fashion conscious guy friends, one of whom most our conversations consist of our recent kops and such. Another, the guy who got me into clothes in general, has begun to wear strictly baller shorts, party tanks and Nike kicks. Moment of silence
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i just thought about how much worse it would be if all my friends dressed like gay vampires like I do.
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Originally Posted by Lane View Post
i just thought about how much worse it would be if all my friends dressed like gay vampires like I do.

You guys could make a rainbow coven! Good times
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Originally Posted by Lane View Post
i just thought about how much worse it would be if all my friends dressed like gay vampires like I do.

You have friends?
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nope, I meant the voices in my head actually.
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A few of my friends are hipsters/hypebeasts. Glad I'm finished with that phase..
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Originally Posted by Lane View Post
nope, I meant the voices in my head actually.

Write a sad poem about it.
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at least jet makes me laugh..
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I'm semi retired ....I paint, sell on ebay, nvolunteer job coach and play singles tennis.
I've been mariied for years but none of my married buddies is into clothes. I have one friend who thinks
LL BEAN and Lands End have great cothes.

I discovered fine clothes about ten years ago...I'm not in the corporate world anymore so I don't need much but
I have a Zegna blazer, Brioni suit, Zegna suit,
and shoes....AE, Mephisto, Magli, Bally, Bacco Bucci

also I look for estate deals ...prresently I have
several suits which I'll list...


thanks for reading

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