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How do your friends dress

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and how do they react to your uhm... buying habits?
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1. poorly 2. indifference
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Originally Posted by mulansauce View Post
1. poorly
2. indifference

+1. Though I'll say the average person can't decipher the difference between many of the popular items around SF with the significantly cheaper counterparts. So unless you're telling your friends how pricey your clothes are, I can't imagine most of us would run into much criticism.
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Originally Posted by APK View Post
+1. Though I'll say the average person can't decipher the difference between many of the popular items around SF with the significantly cheaper counterparts. So unless you're telling your friends how pricey your clothes are, I can't imagine most of us would run into much criticism.

No one's ever commented on the fit of your pants?
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good thread, a little disappointed as to the truncated intro though

1. like garbage
2. they think I'm crazy

To expand though, I think it's a futile exercise trying to explain to them the merits of certain lines or pieces or design because they just don't get it so I gave that up a long time ago. They have to see things in context like on other people to even begin to see the big picture.

They will buy shit because it's cheap and they'll wear undershirts under button ups untucked that are way too long under sweaters and I don't say shit, let them be I mean who the fuck am I to tell them any different? So I just continue to style on them the only way I know how.
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my group of friends is interesting in that almost everyone has a unique style though mostly non-conforming to SF style. i also have a lot of friends who do the true religion, rock n republic, william rast, diesel and g-star raw thing.. though i dislike it. i'd say most of my friends have above-average style in the sense that they understand and take care of their appearance moreso than the average person and are willing to spend money on their appearance. that said i don't think they would recognize anything i wear other than H&M and American Apparel. i only have a few friends who wear raw denim.. it makes me sad.
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Pretty badly in general. I have one friend who tries mightily and may find some success. As for reactions, usually it goes without comment but if they like something they'll say so.
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All my friends dress embarrassingly bad. They all say, "Jeez what a waste of money!" I say it's just a hobby and is a fuckload more productive than spending all spare cash on drugs and videogames.
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Hmm, I was wondering if there was actually a group that was entirely into clothes, but it appears it's always just 1 person in a group.

That's probably why I envy the HK SF meets up because they have them so often, it must be like shopping but in a man's way, after drinks and cigars, not the frilly twittering manner that girls like to shop in.

But yeah everyone around me dressed like crap, some are pretty thug and style conscious in a normal way. Just lot's of gym shorts and tees, so I tend to be the odd man out. However I do make it a point to not discuss prices, as my friends have often had discussions about how their jeans are only $10 and they can't see the appeal off $100+ jeans (but they were mostly talking True Religions & Sevens, etc).
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me and my friends scoff at those who walk past in their peasant steez. I dust my chambray shirt off and we all comment on how American it is and how all modern Americans don't wear traditional garb of their country and thusly they are surly pinko commies ya were kinnda a big deal
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1. Varies greatly (guess it also depends who I count under 'friends'), from a guy that was on NY Mags fashion vid lookbook to some guys who wear t-shirts/striped polos w/ faded jeans and flipflops most of the year. I'd say a few dress quite well, and out of the remaining 90% I'd say its split evenly between lazy graphic tee/faded denim guys and guys who at least give a bit of effort and wear decent denim w/ fitted shirts and sweaters. On the brightside none are at the ultra low and deuschy level of things like Ed Hardy T-shirts

2. Mostly Indifference. Once in a great while someone will say something along the lines of 'you have alot of shoes/clothes/etc'. About twice as often (but not all that often) someone will compliment on some boots/sweater/wallet/bag, but never seeminglly with any indication that they have any idea how much I do or don't spend, and the comments are just as often on something from H&M as they are on a nicer piece. That said most people outside of here aren't really going to notice clothing as nice/expensive unless its made of cashmere/etc or can be clearly identified by logo or such that its from a brand they're familiar with.

Edit- I also pretty much never discuss shopping or buying habits with the vast majority of my friends since I know they won't give a shit or will think it's odd.
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I have one buddy who actually cares about the important details of clothes (fit/construction/fabric/etc.), and pretty much every other friend couldn't care less whether they're wearing Diesel or Dior. I doubt they care to differentiate between someone who's interested in fashion/style and someone who just likes to go shopping.
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Assuming we're talking about non-SF/fashion friends then they dress like the average American. My buying habits are really none of their business but they hint or joke at the fact that I look like I take how I dress seriously. I have one friend who is only remotely interested in fashion, if only in a very broad/vague sense, but can appreciate the stores I like to go to in LA. She's the only non-SF person I've done that with.
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ordinary, nothing special..

look at whodini or teger for reference
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In my group, it's me, my goth ninja all undercover wearing friend, The total hipster, the j-crew guy whom we've tried to convince into getting raw jawnz, but won't, the lacoste and Levi's guy that we don't really like, the guy who wears slippers and sweat shorts every day, every where, and my best friend who wears black AF1's with his red North Face jackets and Nautica khakis. Yes, I know we are a very diverse group of dressers.
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