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Narrow ties

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I've noticed an increasing availability of narrow ties. Is there a preferred ratio of lapel width to tie width? Does a standard lapel, such as on a Hickey Freeman suit, work with a somewhat narrower tie? These narrow ties look both fresh and old-fashioned all at once.

Prince Charles, no slave to fashion, consistently wears a very narrow tie, often with broad stripes. I wonder where they come from?
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I think that the size of lapels, ties and shirt collars should all work together, as far as balance and scale, as well as relating overall to the physique of the person wearing them. The POW, to my eye, could use a bit wider tie with a bit larger knot.
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Yes, it could. The knot especially, because of the spread collar. Part of the problem is that Prince Charles has not changed his preferences to match his larger frame.
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