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My new patriotic shirt!

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OK - check out the new shirt I just bought!

Pretty cool huh?
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Isn't that illegal?
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Only when worn as an ironic gesture.
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Yeeehaw!! Be sure to wear that on any upcoming trips to France.
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Well, I'm just saying— because it damn well should be.
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Oddly enough, it sort of is. According to the United States Code Title 4, Chapter 1, Section 8d "the flag should never be used as wearing apparel..."
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That's actually because all the new flags (Made in China) are fused.
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I bought a flag from Darren Beaman and it was way lopsided. Half of the stripes went down farther than the other half.
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He was probably trying to make some sort of antiwar statement; I read somewhere he was affiliated with the ACLU.

BTW, I love that shirt. I've got two just like it I bought a couple years back from one of Willie Nelson's roadies (deadstock).
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now there is a seller who loves his exclamation marks
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That'll go perfectly with my "GIT-R-DONE" trucker hat
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Looks like a Garth Brooks (circa 1995) shirt.
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england.... you made it over here. i thought you would like it. i could actually see milspex rocking that...
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That shirt needs a patch: BURN THIS FLAG!
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