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Bad water...solution?

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Due to reasons beyond my control, I am stuck for work/living in an area with horrible water quality: rust, arsenic just below the unsafe level etc.. Bathing+washing clothes is fine, but in my book, the water definitely is not fit for drinking
I've been drinking distilled water for a while. Quite leary of bottled 'spring water' shit.
Solution? (and no, I can't move...)
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Get a really long hose.
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There's this new thing called a "water filter". If you don't want to drink bottled water, you may look into it. Obviously, you don't mind inhaling all the same chemicals you don't want to drink, so you might as well just drink your water from the shower head.
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Keep on drinking distilled imo. I guess it's more expensive, but it's better than drinking arsenic. It shouldn't be too bad if you're buying those big 5 gal bottles.
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Yes, I looked into water filtration...lots of conflicting claims and pseudo-science, it seems
Distilled water lacks essential minerals, so unless supplemented with vitamins, it can't be a permanent solution.
Bottled 'spring water' has been reportedly often taken and then bottled from a local municipal tap.
Drinking water with arsenic+rust does cause cancer, no?
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Reverse osmosis water filter system
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And they make filters for your shower heads.
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remember that the water you use during showering gets into the bloodstream.
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Originally Posted by uhurit View Post
Bottled 'spring water' has been reportedly often taken and then bottled from a local municipal tap.

It may be, but it's usually filtered to within an inch of it's life too.
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arsenic and rust in the tap water? where do you live , outside of the united states?
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rural midwest of the good old usa
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Bottled water.
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Brita all the way baby
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Most of the chemicals that enter your body from water does so during showers. Just a tip.
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How do you know your water is bad? Did you have it tested in a lab?
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