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So do people actually notice the selvedge/dry/awesomeness of your denim? - Page 6

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My roommate has asked me like 4 times where to get 5EPs. I say "You can get them in LA." He says "How much are they?" I say "Like $300" and he says "FUCK!!"

It's the same thing every time. I gave him a pair of APCs that are too big for me though, so he can stop bitching.
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Originally Posted by Goblin
which is approximately like taking more Eucharist than the average mullah


She clandestinely put her number in my cell phone even though I've been married for almost 12 years, though, so I guess she isn't overly freaked out by my filfiness.

+rep x2
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Bringing this back from the dead

The other day while getting off the airplane and waiting for my luggage, a fellow in some PBJs came up to me and asked if I was wearing raw denim. I had been wearing my 1.5 Year old APC New Cures and responded yeah I am. He asked what kind, and said they were nice, and went on to ask how I washed them. His PBJ's were from blue in green.

This was honestly the first time anyone ever noticed my raw denim, besides people I know.
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The only thing my wife notices is that I wear them for a while before washing. She is always asking me when I will wash them, and I say not yet.
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funny, I was talking to this kid the other day who said his girlfriend just bought $300 jeans so I asked what kind, and he said "I dunno they cost alot because they have some stupid white line running down the leg or something" I had to bite my tongue and I just said, "Yeah you know how girls and their jeans are"

I have a picture of my Mom in the 50s wearing cuffed selvedge jeans rolled up to her knees and I showed her mine and she wasn't too impressed she said everybody wore them back then.
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everybody wore selvedge back then!
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I've only gotten one comment from someone, and it was a friend of my girlfriend's who really liked the cuffs on my ALDs.

Other than that, I did have a nice conversation with an older guy on the beach who was obviously the only person on the crowded beach who knew what I was doing wearing my jeans in the ocean.
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They usually notice the intense color. I don't care to give people an explanation about raw denim.
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I had somebody out "in the wild" ask me where I got a new pair of APC rescues I was wearing (this was not a person particularly schooled about denim). I think they liked the color and the fact that they didn't have the cheap pre-distressed effects that a lot of jeans have.

I directed them here.
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I've gotten several compliments about my nudies from a few different gay guys at college (I'm not gay). I'm pretty sure they don't know what they are, they just say "nice jeans."
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ive had several people notice my jeans and comment to me so far. i have also noticed on a regular basis people looking down at my jeans staring at them .
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i was walking out of the grocery store the other day and a guy bombarded me with stats questions about my average joes. the last thing he said was something about how his friend had a hardcore pair and the crotch blew out, which garnered a really confused look from the chick passing by us.

other than that, nobody around here notices dry stuff and the compliments seem to come to my pre-washed stuff (and the AJs moreso now since they're starting to break in pretty well).
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I hate being asked where I get clothing. Everytime it goes like this: person:"Wow! Nice *item of clothing*! Where'd you get it?" me:"Uh, thanks. The internet..." person:"Oh..." What's the point of saying something like Context, Farinelli's, Denim Bar? They've never heard of it and saying that you got a pair of jeans from "Farinelli's" sounds pretty pretentious in person when talking to a random person.
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I think the awesomeness of myself detracts from the aweseomeness of my denims. Consequently, I don't get very comments.
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some guy on here noticed i was wearing nudies on a random flight that we were on together... which is really REALLY weird. other than that, i got a roommate of mine into raw denimz and at parties we would be the "tight jeans" roommates.... pretty funny
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