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So do people actually notice the selvedge/dry/awesomeness of your denim? - Page 5

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r u the one whos doing that dorm room denim competition or something?
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Yep, we'll figure out who won next february.
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Well, I've only been wearing raw/dry denim since before Christmas, and I have gotten at least 5 compliments on my jeans since then.
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I was in an A&F store wearing my BO's perusing the fall lineup of oversized brown, blue, and white clothes when a middle aged mom asked me where I got my jeans at, she said she hoping to find some like that for her son and wasn't having any luck here. I told her they're Nudies and said 'Uh.. look online.' before skedaddling.

I've had a few questions and comments on my SD 103's, not really compliments just people realizing they're different. I also turned my brothers orange peel wall blue when I was scraping up against it working on his computer. Whoops!
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Originally Posted by tljenkin
Yep, we'll figure out who won next february.

You're basically screwed because you're not going to be wearing 17-19 oz Samurai denim through the warmer months, whereas most of your competitors will be okay with lighter weight denim.
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I know... I double down by my bike everywhere, though. I should also mention that I put about a month of HARD wear into the guy's SDAs before I sold them to him... I'll hope that the fact that the APC's break in so easily will be taken into consideration. My money's on the Studios, though. Great denim on those.
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It took me about 3 months to successfully break in a pair of APCs.
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A friend once told me my (at the time) new APCs were "some hardcore jeans, dude!" I'm pretty sure that's the only thing anyone has ever said about my jeans (other than my girlfriend hinting that I spend too much time on the Internet reading about them...).
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Originally Posted by Spencer Young
Background: I'm a senior at a highly ranked private college. Guys dress poorly, girls dress in frocky skirts/Uggs/aviators/sweatpants.

I've been reading SF for a bit over a year, and in that time I've drastically improved my wardrobe (for the most part). For about a month or so I've been working on my APC Rescues. I've gotten several compliments on them (apparently nobody wears dark indigo?) but also a few "what's with the cuffs". Nobody, and I mean nobody, has understood anything about them. Concepts like dry denim or selvedge make no sense; I don't present them as "these are clearly superior to whatever you are wearing" but just a different, quirky alternative to the norm.

In your experiences, does anyone actually react to your denim in a knowing way? I really enjoy them for what they are, but it's always nice to not be completely alone... I was awestruck when one of my friends had heard of Jantzen.

sounds like my private college in chicago.

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Ugh, I've gotten a single compliment on my RRDS, at a Banana Republic. I got a comment on my AI-001 at Old Navy. I've gotten comments on the Kicking Mules and AI-001 at various stores (HTC, South Willards, etc...). Basically, nobody gives a crap except for people that sell clothes. Not too surprising though, especially in los angeles.
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I had just gotten my RRLs in the mail one day and wore them to a party my friend was throwing that night. When I got there, I was immediately complimented by one girl I had never met before about my jeans. We talked and eventually she told me that as soon as she saw my jeans, she knew she wanted to talk to me.

She was wearing a pair of raw nudies.. so, she knew what she was talking about.

Other than that, I've only gotten compliments from a few of my "stylish" friends in architecture school, but thats all. :/
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No - just the dudes in the specialty denim store. Even the women in those stores wear 7, TR, etc - although they carry it well I must say.

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ive gotten a few from my friends. one liked my kmw 1980s so much he got himself a pair
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Besides my girlfriend who knew about me buying them only my mom has said anything. She didn't even see them on me but saw them on the table when i went home for a weekend and just said "those look expensive." Dammit, she got me....
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I double-cuff (over once, then over again), but have been doing so long before I knew what selvage is (in fact, I don't really know what selvage is now). Some people think the cuffs are unusual, but apparently I look like someone who should be cuffing his jeans - squirrelly pale skinny trashy guy with sideburns and tattoos - so I'm told it isn't too jarring. I also wear my current project jeans (APC NS) skinnier than the average person, which is approximately like taking more Eucharist than the average mullah.

I do get compliments but I suspect it's more because of decent fit and the "darkness" of the raw denim than anything else. Most jeans around here are sack-assed baby-blue or horrible washes.

The "raw denim" concept baffles one of the receptionists at the tattoo shop, who was completely mystified by the concept of not washing the jeans during the extended "break-in" period. She clandestinely put her number in my cell phone even though I've been married for almost 12 years, though, so I guess she isn't overly freaked out by my filfiness.

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