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I found this site for all you auto enthusiasts.
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The most brilliant corporate logo ever:

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Worst. Logo. Ever.

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Originally Posted by Absolute Beginner View Post
Worst. Logo. Ever.

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Originally Posted by imageWIS View Post
For watches nothing beats the most known logo:


Long live the crown.
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This is one of my favorite logos - the Browning firearms logo:
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Here are a couple of Australian logos that I think work well:

Qantas logos (the original logo on the left and the new on the right):

Macquarie Bank:

National Australia Bank:

I particularly like the logo of the Commonwealth Bank as it traces out the Southern Cross:

Southern Cross for comparison:

And a couple of international ones that I didn't see in the thread (though there are lots of dead links):

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A few I like-

All Nippon Airways-

United Airlines "U"-

Korean Air-

Lord & Taylor-

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And just one more (that I designed entirely on Microsoft Word) that my employer will be using for letterhead, etc. The photo backgroud is obviously optional.

Comments/feedback would be nice, this isn't a final design.

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Originally Posted by Mike View Post
Might be a little biased, but after yesterday I have to say this is wonderful

Woot! +4
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My own

(my initials NEF)
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(really just the eye)

(really love the veni vidi vici, I'd stare at my dads marlboros and i would find myself strangely captivated by this logo)

For those who enjoy logos, particularly older ones pickup a few older copies of the national geographic from the mid to late 1950's... they are so full of advertising.
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Canadian National railway, designed in 1960 and still in use: .
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Originally Posted by j View Post
[Politics of the regimes mentioned below are completely irrelevant.]

I agree, it's not a very iconic flag. Too complicated, for one thing. I still think the Japanese Rising Sun with rays is one of the very most iconic, along with the Union Jack and the Nazi Germany flag. Again, I'm not endorsing anything, before someone tries to get up in my face about it. Nor do I fly the Nazi flag, etc. etc. But it is a great design, and would have been no matter who flew it or what atrocities were associated with it.

Commence shocked whinging.

What's wrong with liking the Nazi flag? I think it's great because swastikas have an interesting aesthetic. They're pleasing to look at. And they have been long before the Nazis used them.

Not very interesting fact: Coventry Cathedral (UK) was bombed during the second world war and left in its ruined state. In the corner of the cathedral is a statue of a Hindu man lying down dead that predates the bombing, he has swastikas on him. Check it out if anyone ever visits, there isn't much else to go there for!
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