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Jean Help

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I was looking into buying a new pair of jeans and was wondering if any of you could recommend a few, I would prefer that they cost no more than $110 US because I am a student and therefore have a limited budget. I am looking for an every day jean that can take the wear and tear and still look nice. Thanks in advance for the much needed help.

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Do you have a rough idea of what sort of cuts/fits you tend to prefer, or what you would describe your personal aesthetic as? Are there any jeans you like now that you would like to find something similar to, albeit within your budget? Your question, as it is, is rather expansive.
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Now I mostly wear AE jeans and have gotten tired of them and now I would really like a jean that would fit closer to my legs and not be so baggy. I do not know much about different cuts/fits, I was just wondering if any of you could recommend a nice pair of jeans within my budget.
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You could look at Levis Capital E.

You could also look at discount stores for PDC, Diesel, G-Star and the like at reduced prices.
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Levis 501. Just do it.
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Call Mauro's Denimbar up. New standards for 120ish.
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For the Capital E 501s what color is the Vintage Blue???
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Kind of a blue color.

Seriously, they are widely distributed, surely there must be a store where you could see them in person?

Otherwise, the Levi's web site pics give a reasonable approximation.
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In my experience, the Levi's website makes their jeans look a lot less boring than they actually do.
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Levi's are a good bet but they're kind of below/above your price point. I'm not too familiar with Capital E line, so that may work for you.

Its not uncommon to find Paper Denim and Cloth, Earnest Sewn around for your price, you just have to search a bit.
IMO, for 110 or so, those are excellent ways to start off.

If you're adventurous, you could have a stab at getting some Levi's Vintage Collection (LVC) off of ebay.
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