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Unfortunately, I attended two separate memorial services yesterday, and the attire was quite varied. Some of the men were wearing the traditional black suit with a muted (though not black) tie, but others wore an odd jacket, and some were in still more casual clothing.

It seems to me that what was more significant to the grieving families than the attire of the attendees was their presence and their rembrances.

BTW, It should perhaps also be mentioned that both of the deceased were mathematicians, and we are not generally known for our sartorial intelligence.
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I've had the misfortune to attend five funerals or memorial services in the past year and a half. Three of them were for people I was very close to--my mother-in-law and two of my closest friends. At least in Southern Californa, almost any "respectful" attire, e.g, coat and tie, would seem more than acceptible. Many men these days, at least in my part of the world, will attend a funeral tie-less and even coat-less. For the three more "formal" funerals I wore my midnight blue Chan suit with a dark blue Charvet tie to my mother-in-law's. I wore a dark charcoal pinstripe and a blue tie to a beloved neighbor's. To the third I wore a the same dark charcoal pinstripe and a black tie. I thought the black tie might be more appropriate since it was an Italian funeral. The deceased's name was Al Capone! (Well, actually "Al" was a nickname. He was a very highly respected gunsmith.) White shirt and black shoes every time. I don't recall ever seeing a black suit at any of the five events.
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I would not wear a black shirt to ANY event - including a a funeral.

Best advice - dark charcoal suit, white shirt (poplin, broadcloth, oxford) black tie grenadine, black shoes.

If black is unavailable for these items, use deep navy - except for the shoes.
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I went to a Ukranian Orthodox funeral in NYC last week and almost everyone was in black. I was suprised but I guess it is a very traditional order. I wore off white and I felt somewhat out of place. I wore a black coat and slacks for the viewing.
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It's a funeral. Its not that hard.

Wear a business suit with a dark tie.
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