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They have a good Mexican place a block away from my apartment at school. I'm going back up there tomorrow and they do tequila tasting. They have like 50 different tequilas or something and they have all these matchups put together so you can taste like 3 different tequilas that they recommed. I'm definitely going to do some tequila tasting. Let me know what looks good.
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Originally Posted by Rambo View Post
Well if this isn't their best I can't wait to taste what is.

I cocked up the World Spirits rankings. It was actually el Tesoro platinum that had the overall best ranking. Blue Head Tequilla reposado had the best ranking for a reposado. Sol de Mexico anejo had the best ranking for an anjejo and Casa Noble anjejo single barrel had the best ranking for an extra-anejo. Here's the list:

Has anyone tried any of the three winners?

I've had the Casa Noble. Its so sweet and smooth, like the Macallan of tequila.
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I had El Tesoro last week. I'm seeing it in a lot of San Francisco bars and liquor stores.
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Which one?
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Casa Noble. It's outstanding. I'm not a tequila lover, but this won me over as demonstrative of the complexity that tequila can embody.
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Originally Posted by Girardian View Post
Casa Noble. It's outstanding. I'm not a tequila lover, but this won me over as demonstrative of the complexity that tequila can embody.

I hope you are drinking the Extra Anejo (royal purple ceramic decanter with gold accents). Its aged five years. The newer one (glass decanter) is only aged two.
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If tequila isn't 100% agave, what makes up the balance?
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Originally Posted by ama View Post
Which one?

The blanca. It was very good. Certainly a step up from Patron blanca and at a better price. But I wasn't blown away by it. I am surprised it won a Double Gold in the SF Spririts competition. I guess I expected something more. But certainly worthwhile buying at Bevmo on sale.
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Originally Posted by r... View Post
Bottle of Don Julio 1942 which I highly rec. Cant say I'm a big fan of Corzo since I think there is better at the price point.

I'm still looking for a bottle of 1800 Millennium Edition if anyone knows where I can procure one I would be much obliged.

Have you tired Gran Centanario? I've tried the 1942, and while it's good, I've found that the GC anejo has a little more character, at half the price.
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I don't always drink tequila, but when I do, I prefer Don Eduardo Añejo.

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I love the tequila buzz. Not like what I normally experience from run-of-the-mill alcohols. More "druggy" than boozy.
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I went on a tour of a tequila distillery near the beginning of a trip to Mexico and was getting quite into it, drank a fair bit of tequila whilst on the holiday and bought a fair number of bottles of pretty nice stuff whilst I was there, I forget exactly how many, but many more than I was allowed to bring back into the UK without paying tax. Anyway I got home and discovered after drinking too much (and being sick too many times whilst travelling) I just couldn't drink the stuff, even in cocktails. I ended up giving it away and even left a couple of bottles of Anejo stuff out at a party which people just used for shots. It was a bit of a waste, and I have never been able to take the stuff again, other spirits I have gone off, but found I can enjoy them again some time later, even the smell of tequila from someone else's drink makes me want to vomit years later. The last time I drank it I had been happily drinking neat whisky all night, had a shot of tequila essentially forced on me... and only just made it to the toilets just in time. No more tequila for me.
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I'd always hated tequila until I tried 1942. Now I know that I only hate shit tequila, and that there is indeed a difference.
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Had some tequila the other week (can't remember the brand now) and sipped it along with some sangrita. Man what an excellent combination.
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