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I'm sitting here sipping my newly created signature margarita, and realized we do not have a thread to this drink. Now, many will only know the cheap, vomit inducing stuff. I'd like to start with a few of the more upscale and tasty offerings I have. Please add in.

You're going to see the one on the left more than once. $27 dollars, a great deal, my favorite drinking tequila. The one on the right, silver, but spent time in oak.

Muchote again, with reposado sotol. I just bought an anejo, for $29 dollars

Okay, middle bottle. Barcardi owns it, good tequila, cool looking bottle, good price point. Recommended.

Highly recommended. I plan to pop for the anejo soon.

Good tequila is just as reputable a spirit as whisky or brandy. Please, join in with pics of your good stuff.
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i've had some badass tequila in mexico city, brought some back.. I think it was oak-aged for 2 years or something, but amazing..... and also not distributed in the US... I'll look up the name. It tasted better than many whiskeys...
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I hate tequila.
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Milagro is usually my go-to brand for tequila. I have a bottle of 1800 reposado that I've been working on for a while, I was drawn to the ridiculous oak spice that one sticks up front.
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Originally Posted by iammatt View Post
I hate tequila.

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Originally Posted by iammatt View Post
I hate tequila.

Originally Posted by Bhowie View Post

Sweet. Cut you big timers out, and the prices will stay down for us po' folk.
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Originally Posted by Piobaire View Post
Sweet. Cut you big timers out, and the prices will stay down for us po' folk.
One too many times creating something from my stomach that looked like scrambled eggs with tequila's help.
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Some photos of a trip to Tequila:

Monument to El Jimador, the agave harvester (This is actually in Amatitan, the next town over):

Agave fields in Tequila:

Hearts of the agave plant, and the rustic ovens used to cook them:

And for any Spanish speakers:

I recommend a trip to the distilleries if any of you find yourselves in Guadalajara. As part of the tour they give you a taste of unaged and undiluted triple-distilled tequila blanco straight from the hydrometer. The sample the day I was there was 52% ABV IIRC, and surprisingly smooth. That's the way they drank it back when tequila was a peasant's drink. The bureau of alcohol prohibits the sale of undiluted tequila now; I believe the limit is 80 proof.
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^^^ That's awesome I'm jealous. I have a good book on tequila that I read so I consider myself quite fluent on the subject lol. I find blancos to be a bit harsh for me but I really enjoy resposados and anejos. Check out this $1900 tequila. I wonder what is so special about it? Anyone know?
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no photos
but a decnt cheap one that i tried rcently was agavia

my prefered añejo is la reserva de la familia
reposado probably revolucion.
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I have tried almost all of the tequilas listed in this thread. (lush)
I prefer monte alban mezcal. (Not technically tequila) Its $20-$25 a bottle and I feel like a mexican when I drink it.

great pics of your trip btw
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Bottle of Don Julio 1942 which I highly rec. Cant say I'm a big fan of Corzo since I think there is better at the price point. I'm still looking for a bottle of 1800 Millennium Edition if anyone knows where I can procure one I would be much obliged.
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Great pics Threak. Thanks for posting them. I wanted to do that when I was there, but the visit could not get put into my schedule
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Penca Azul Reposado, smooth and one of the few tequilas that don't make me gag doing shots
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I grew up hating tequila because most of the stuff, at the time, was nothing more than frat buzz juice. Then a Mexican friend encouraged me to try 100 agave Tequila and now I find it to be one of the most interesting liquors.

Several years ago while vacationing in Jalisco, we toured many of the premium and ultra premium distilleries. Our guide recommended this brand as the best premium tequila for the money.

It is relatively inexpensive and available almost anywhere. You can pay a lot more and not get much more in flavor.

Most Mexicans in the growing area around Jalisco drink the blanc, plata or clear because it has the most flavor of the pure agave plant. The reposado or anejo or sometimes nice with a cigar or when cooking.
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