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Try Certain Dri antipersperant, you won't sweat.
I have. I still sweat. There's something wrong w/me. But that's beside the point, considering I rarely wear more than one layer. The PC term for "wife-beater" is "spousal-abuser".
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Also - I believe that "wife-beaters" are technically known as tanks or A-shirts, which would definitely be less offensive.
Certainly. Everyone knows that REAL wife-beaters don't bother wearing shirts at all. Ever see an episode of COPS?
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I think undershirts that are t-shirts are fine, but "wife-beaters," especially when they show through your shirt, are a very blue-collar type of thing
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Can someone get me out of my misery? I'm Europe based, I do not know what a "wife beater" is (apart from a married brute).
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Can someone get me out of my misery? I?m Europe based, I do not know what a "wife beater" is (apart from a married brute).
Sleeveless undershirt. Similar to: http://www.kleptomaniac.com/product/?prod_id=9829 Think Marlon Brando as Stanley Kowalski in "A Streetcar Named Desire".
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Had to jump in to defend wearing wifebeaters.  Although they are technically referred to as A-shirts, far more people know them by their more colorful name. I wear them virtually all the time.  I used to wear standard t-shirt undershirts, but switched for a variety of reasons.  Wifebeaters still function as undershirts, keeping you warmer in cold weather and soaking up (at least some) perspiration in the summer.  Also, they tend to be thinner and, thus, more lightweight than a standard T.  Further, because they are somewhat scooped at the neck, they do not show (or at least as much) with an unbuttoned shirt.  In short, they're a good compromise between wearing no undershirt (which shows sweat, hair, and skin) and a t (which can be uncomfortable and is obvious under an unbuttoned shirt) Yeah, I know others in this post think they are "tacky," "blue collar" and "gross."  But why?  Isn't that just a stupid stereotype?  For those that characterize them this way, have you tried to wear 'em to see whether they provide at least some of the benefits of wearing an undershirt, without some of the undesireable side effects? Or am I just way out in left field here?
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Or am I just way out in left field here?
Not at all. IMHO this thread has quickly descended into the realm of personal preference, dependent on one's location, place of business, culture, weather, time of day, zodiac sign, etc.
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i find that in the event that sweat does get absorbed, it's usually absorbed by the upper part of the sleeve on my t-shirt, and thusly wifebeaters/tanktops/whatever else don't help much, as they stop at the seam around the shoulder.
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True, a-shirts don't soak up as much sweat as t-shirts, but as long as you don't get the kind that are too scooped under the arms, or wear to big of a size, they should provide some underarm protection.  I see them as a healthy compromise between wearing a t-shirt and wearing nothing underneath. Why are there so many doubters?
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I've been wearing Banana Republic Stretch T's as undershirts, a couple of them black, and couple white with a mix in vneck and crew neck's for different times depending on what I'm wearing them under. They've been quite confortable and fit very well which I attribute to the small percentage of lycra/spandex in the shirt. Been meaning to go back and grab a couple more lately too.
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