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Have been carrying the Saddleback for a week now. Love it. This is my bag. Will post a full review soon.
Originally Posted by Crane's View Post
Huntsman, I've called Saddleback the Filson of leather bags. The quality of material is top notch and the guarantee is gold not to mention their pricing is very reasonable. Their customer service is good too. I have no doubt that my Saddleback stuff will last a long long time no matter what I drag them through just like my Filson stuff.
Thanks, man, appreciated your confidence.
Originally Posted by CharlieAngel View Post
RE: Trains and backpacks Please, if you start taking the train and walking, please do me (and everyone else) a huge favor: Take off your bag when you get on the train and carry it in your hand. If you have a huge, 30 pound backpack on your back, you can actually swing that around when you turn with a surprisingly amount of force, hitting people smaller than your (or seated) right in the face) and not even know it. Or figure out a way to keep it in *front* of you. This is one reason I prefer messenger bags over backpacks in that when I board a bus, I can just swing it to the front and avoid plastering people with it. Then again, I've also had extensive collarbone surgery and backpack straps aggravate the hell out of it, so I either go one strap or go without. :P
Yep. With you all the way. ~ H
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Looks like you got the same color as mine. Hope you enjoy it, and it'll help you build some strength too I'd imagine. Looking at that picture though, I almost can't believe mine's the same after aging.
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Pretty sweet backpack, me gusta :) I think I wear too much black, so I usually like to have a bit of colour for my bags :P Trying to instill the same ideals with my nephew, as I bought him a super colourful backpack from this company I don't think that you can get more colourful than their backpacks :D


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As of now I am carrying this Backpack ( from highonleather.




Cons: Weighs around 900 Grams to 1 KG.

Pros: Cheap as hell compared to other leather backpacks and looks amazing after carrying.

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