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Managed a quick 20KM of singletrack last night. Unexpectedly nice weather forced me out the door after work.
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26km/17mi , hill intervals.
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Got started again with a few sporadic 4 mile jaunts over the past two weeks, then commuted 11 miles throughout one day. My knee was a bitch the day after... we'll see if sticking it out will help that out.
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16 mile ride though Rock Creek Park in DC. First time today, so I'll do a longer next time since I know the terrain a little better.
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Just curious, what kind of pace/speed are you guys keeping on these longer rides (say, 10 or more miles)? Trying to gauge just how shitty my lungs still are after years of smoking...
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I target a 16 average pace on a 24 mile loop w some moderate hills. Old guy here, not a great speed but makes for a decent 90 minute workout.
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35 commuting miles today. My average speeds are right around 20mph for 50+ miles, and about 22mph when it's less.
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20 KM of flowing singletrack on Saturday - 1 hour 40 KM of rocky technical nasty singletrack on Sunday - 4 hours
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16 miles of college commuting, 5 back and forth to a store. I might go for a quick 18 mile night ride if the storms hold back.
BTW: I normally average 19-21mph on my road bike, but averages depends on wind conditions, terrain, bike setup, etc.
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Did 40 km for my commute today. Nasty, windy weather, so very slow going in, even for me. I managed to negative split the ride home (the uphill part) so that was good.
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2km, got a flat, walked home. Urgh.
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Just a touch over 10 miles yesterday. Coming out a funk, I haven't worked out in three weeks. I'm going to the gym a little bit later and I hope to hit at least 12.
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17 miles, averaged 21 mph. Not a whole lot of wind.
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22 miles. Good bit of wind so only averaged about 16mph .
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How about the slope of the terrain ridden? North Georgia has a lot of challenging rolling hills... Rode 5.5 miles today commuting. Lungs are getting better (slower to get winded, but still slow coming back down). There's a moderate yet long hill halfway there that absolutely destroys my legs and leaves me worthless the rest of the trip.
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