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What's the longest distance anyone has ever rode before?

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Longest distance in one shot was 518 miles in 47.5 hours, though I've also covered 509 miles in 42.5 hours.
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I rode a leisurely 33 miles today on the road bike. On Friday, I rode 13.5 miles on my mountain bike. I'm way more focused on running right now, but it's good to mix things up a bit now and then!

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If anyone is interested in following, there are three riders attempting to break the one-year cycling record which was set by Tommy Goodwin in 1939 (75,065 miles!).


This is an official competition sanctioned by the Ultramarathon Cycling Association. The riders declared their start dates, which is why they didn't all start on January 1.


So far, Kurt is doing the most miles, but Stephen isn't far behind. Both are ahead of Tommy's pace. My understanding is that William is planning to get going into much higher mileage days soon.


My friend Dex is keeping an unofficial log (the UMCA is working on an official version). Have you ridden over 4000 miles so far in 2015??



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51 miles today on a beautiful day!
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32km net commuting today. Getting mentally psyched for a big ride tomorrow to celebrate labour day and tick off that Gran Fondo 120 on Strava.

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22.3 miles of mixed terrain (on my cyclocross bike) on a gorgeous fall evening. 





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13.5 miles of mixed terrain, including my first visit to the Valmont Bike Park, which was tons of fun. I'll going to need to bring my mountain bike there as well.



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Gotta get back out there more often. I rode 14.4 miles around lunchtime. Today is the first 80 degree day of the season!

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10 miles

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Mellow 19.3 miles.
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Besides the usual weekly 'flat' local 40-50km. ride on the road bike, I got in a couple of cottage country rides on the cross bike last week. 20-30 km. each, winding and scenic combination of paved and gravel, with some nasty short climbs, and to ensure that you kept moving and didn't linger, the black flies were out.


IMG_0937.jpg 1,651k .jpg file  

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17.75 mile loop this evening. 

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Originally Posted by ShoesMe View Post

Yesterday I was particularly motivated ^^ I ran 8 miles. it felt good, it was a moment that I did not run.



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I sorta lost all interest in cycling since a car hit me last year.

I used to work as a bike messenger at one point and do like 100 miles per day and in 2014 I trained about 600 miles per

week for six months to do a race across Europe. Now I hardly get on my bike to ride to the shops.

I now mainly do spinning, swimming and HIIT at the gym. No cars there to drive you over.:freeze: 

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