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How many miles did you RIDE today? - Page 23

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About 45 km. 

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Originally Posted by highball View Post

Yesterday was nearly epic. Set out to do a 110 mile loop from Poughkeepsie to Hunter mountain back to Poughkeepsie via New Paltz, with about 5,000' of climbing. Pouring down rain for about 25 of the first 50 miles. Had to bail after 3 punctures and going over the bars after the guy in front of me went down in the rain.

I know this post was almost 3mos old but;
What road were you planning to take up to Hunter? 28? That's probably the easiest.
Platte Clove is the nastiest! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
And 23a is no joke either.
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48 miles today 35 yesterday.
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I'm tapering for a race, so did an easy 60 miles today.

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38 miles today. Last nice day for while , back to running ugh.
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35ish with some off-road on my cyclocross bike. So much fun on a gorgeous NorCal December day!

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Only managed 6 miles in the cold New Jersey weather this morning.
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50 miles 4000'. First ride since flu. Nothing special
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41 miles today 55 and sunny.

39 miles yesterday 42  and cloudy with a nice rain shower the last 5.

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43 miles yesterday with 6,000 feet of climbing. Such fun!
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60 miles with 6800 feet of climbing. I rode from Pauma Valley, CA to Borrego Springs via Palomar Mountain. Beautiful day and a really nice ride.
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27.5 miles last night with hill repeats and some decent suffering...
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20 miles this evening with a 10-mile time trial in the middle (28:04, only 24 seconds off my best time from last year).
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Rented a bike and rode about 30 miles yesterday in beautiful Wyoming. Terrific ride with perfect weather, but feeling a bit sore this morning.
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50.5 miles today on a gorgeous (73 degrees!) sunny NorCal day!
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