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36 miles and 3200' ft around the Bay Area today.
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Elevation (?)

Moving Time

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Originally Posted by MikeDT View Post

Have you tried using kevlar tires?

I used to run Continental Gatorskins, but find the combination of latex tubes and GP4000s relatively puncture resistant and very fast rolling.

Those two examples are pretty unusual for me. The Race of Six Friends courses kill tires. Talking to other teams at the finish, most were running 700x28 tires, or fatter - the one guy on our team who didn't puncture was on 32s. (It was pretty funny to see my team talking to some of the other teams at the finish: "Yeah, I switched to a 12-28 cassette and my friend put compact cranks on...what cassette are you running?" "Uh, the one that's on my bike?" The guys are strong riders, and suckers for punishment - they did the next race fixed gear.)

Today: 91km:
Yesterday:76.5km with the bunch:

EDIT: I haven't flatted since that last post.
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Hey guys, I'm new around this thread but figured I'd chime in. I'm currently getting in anywhere between 50 and 175 miles/week, depending on my work schedule. No racing yet, but perhaps next season.

NYC > Nyack, NY: 61mi, 2450' @ 16.0 mph average

Paceline ride in central park: 26mi, 1100' @ 22.4 mph average
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Morning commute:


Elevation (?)

Moving Time

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This morning:
Paceline ride in central park: 12 miles on the rivet @ ~24.5mph average, 12 miles in zone 1/2 @ ~15mph average
900' elevation
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Morning commute:


Elevation (?)

Moving Time


I <3 the Bay Area.
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The thing is...tire liners and beefy tires suck to ride on.

I have some 700x28 panaracer RiBMos on my commuter and they are just slooooooow. They are bombproof and handle very well, but they just feel like they are dragging. They are honestly about the same in my mind as some schwabe CX pros which is knobby CX tire known for being pretty fast rolling. The cx pro is probably similarly puncture resistant since it will either not puncture a knob or it will miss the tire altogether...the only reason I don't ride them all the time is that they will wear out too fast riding purely on road (and when the knobs wear down they roll slower and become more puncture prone).

Get on a bike with some real road tire...lightish weight and low rolling resistance and you will feel so much faster...

I would suggest schwalbe duranos (which version of the durano is going to depend on how heavy you are and what kind of riding you do...also different front and back isn't a bad idea). Except for some race-only tires, they will probably be the best feeling tires with good durability. Of course I still have a conti GP3000 on the front of my road bike that has been going its not the only tire out there.
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Yesterday was nearly epic. Set out to do a 110 mile loop from Poughkeepsie to Hunter mountain back to Poughkeepsie via New Paltz, with about 5,000' of climbing. Pouring down rain for about 25 of the first 50 miles. Had to bail after 3 punctures and going over the bars after the guy in front of me went down in the rain.
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Elevation (?)

Moving Time


Avg Speed 17.9mi/h

Good ride except t-boning a truck that ran a stop sign while on a descent. Bike is at the shop getting inspected.... censored.gif
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60 miles and 4400' of climb. First ride since the accident. Was tough.
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i ride 12km every day for work...

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80 miles, 4400' of climb. Final stretch of preparation for next weekend's Gran Fondo century: 109 miles and 8500'. I don't think I'm ready frown.gif
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103.5 miles, 8500' of climb.
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0km today.

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