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0...i drive

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30 miles today with ten hard 15 second efforts thrown in for good measure. We were working on sprint form... Awesome weather today, and looking good (high temps in the low 80s) for the 400km brevet this weekend out of San Francisco.

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For such a pretty day yesterday the wind gusts around Whiterock Lake were rather horrendous. It made for a challenging 51+ miles.
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On Easter weekend, my knees gave up 80km into a 110km ride. The 30km home sucked. Gave it six days, went out with the bunch last Saturday morning. Ouch and ouch.

Physio time.
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13.05 miles. Went to a small local bike shop. Tires was a little low, but still rideable (but had to petal hard to maintain decent speed). Wanted to get a small portable pump to keep on the bike. With none in stock, I bought a CO2 emergency thing and had them pump up my tires. I was able to nearly double my speed on the long way home! But then the wind picked up and started to lightly rain...

I notice most people are nice, I ride in the road following the law (hand signals and all). Mostly because I don't want to be sacked by low hanging branches and I can ride allot faster on the road. But bitches in there SUV's and and ass wholes in there trucks are the least friendly. They will honk, yell, and scream. They also love to pass as close as possible...

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Yesterday, my wife and I rode the Hopland 400km brevet, put on by the San Francisco Randonneurs.


For the most part the ride went well. I suffered a bit on the heat (this was our first hot weather day of the year - the temps hit just over 90), and got one flat (at mile 181). Our total time was 19 hours and 30 minutes, which was one hour faster than the 400k we did last year (SLO Randonneurs Central Coast).


My back was bothering me (I tweaked it earlier this week) for most of the second half of the ride, so we were slowed down quite a bit by that. Hopefully that won't be an issue in three weeks when we ride the Fort Bragg 600k!


Here's what the course looks like on the map:

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17.35 Miles, most I have done since I started riding again. I through in allot of steep hills (bridges big enough for sail boats... It was also extremely windy, winds strong enough that small aircraft stayed grounded. Good excersise and really fun.... Besides nearly been ran off the road by a pissed of lady TWICE! I would have ridden further but was really hungry.

I am hopping in 2-3 months to try and ride to my sisters apartment in Dowtown Orlando... I routed a bike friendly route that goes by two hospitals at 118 miles. I think it's a good goal to work to.

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Finally a thread on SF I can contribute something to!


About 30 miles in Central Park today, with about 10 intermediate sprint points along the way. 

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About 20 miles this afternoon. Gorgeous day.
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How's this for some fucked up luck...

Last Thurs on my 50th mile I get a flat on my bike. So I walk my ass about a mile and a half to a bike shop where they fix my flat for $12. No big deal.

Well, what happens but on Sat I get a blow out on my car. So I'm replacing all 4 tires now, since I do need them anyway.

And now here I am on Mon and this time on about mile 8 on my bike ride and, yes, another @?#&$ flat! On the same wheel as before! I can only guess the bike shop didn't properly fix the flat last time.

That's all. About to throw this thing in the fucking lake!

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45 miles through the Adirondacks j9ppug.jpg
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I have a flat tire, will be down for a day or two... Need to order a pump and tube it looks like.

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Srsly people, learn to fix your own flats.
It's not rocket science.
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Yeah, jesus

I think every single one of my tubes has at least 1 patch in it and most have at least 2. When I get a flat I just swap in another tube (or *gasp* a new one) and when I run out of tubes, I go through and patch the fixable ones in one run through.
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I ordered a Lezyne pump due to reviews and some other stuff on Amazon though caught my eye... Also a patch kit, I did not know they made them. But anyways the pump came it yesterday and I took a closer look at the tires. Inspected Presta stem? Kinda neat, but it looks like there is a little nut like thing at the top if open will release air (I was low on air a while back and went to LBS to buy some things and they filled it up, guess they left it open). I filled the tires up tighten them down and put the plastic cover back on. Seems good to go!


As you can tell I don't know much about cycling or how to work on it. Learn as I go... I just bought the bike to commute on and exercise. Slowly been adding and replacing stuff on the bike to better suit my needs. 

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