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75 minutes on the trainer this evening... Crazy intervals and all. Good times.

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18 miles in about one hour (...I am a bit out of shape after winter+ gusty winds). The temp here was in the mid-60's. Perfect!
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10 or so miles this morning. Didn't have time for more
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About 10 today. Felt great on a beautiful 80+ degree day here in the Midwest.
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80 minutes on the trainer tonight... Can't wait until next week when our weekday training sessions get back outside!

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Hurray, I finally got out during the week for a decent ride. Today was the last day of school for the quarter. I celebrated by riding 81 miles with about 7,000 feet of climbing. Beautiful day out on the SF Peninsula. It's supposed to rain for a few days now...

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^^^81 miles with lots of climbing sounds like fun. I miss rides like that.

Today I rode about 10-12 miles. Lots of fun on a beautiful Midwestern day.
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A few miles after work this evening. Would have ridden more, but it was getting too dark, particularly since my bike doesn't have any reflectors on it.
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I love the lots of climbing rides... Fortunately, my wife is just as crazy as I am, so the cycling is a large chunk of our together time!


This evening, we had our first weekday outdoor group ride of the season. We did a workout consisting of hill repeats alternating between sitting (at 90+ RPM cadence) and standing (at 70+ RPM cadence). I guess all of the hard indoor sessions have been paying off. I managed to  lead the pack from the second rep on. I ended up doing 10 reps in the allotted 45 minutes. Brilliant workout (I rode a total of 34 miles)... Tomorrow I get to do my long run for the week!

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Rode 81.5 miles today on a windy bluebird day. Headwinds for most of the first 45 miles turned into tailwinds coming back home. So much fun... My legs were a bit wasted from my run yesterday, otherwise I would have thrown a hill or two in there and ended up over 90 miles...

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Today was just too beautiful not to be on a bike. I got in 58 glorious miles. I might have been able to fit in more but I was already running a bit behind after stopping on two separate occasions to speak with first a co-worker then a hottie from my bootcamp class.

About 4 hours after I got home my tube burst. That thing was loud too! Just sitting there watching TV when it blew about 10 ft. from me. I don't know what caused it to blow still.
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I rode a few miles this evening after work. Didn't have much time, but was glad to be on the bike on what felt like a summer evening.
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My short commute to work this morning finally. It was just a really nice morning for a ride. Pleasant and enjoyable. About 6 miles.
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Only about 6 miles to and from campus a few times today, but I'll be making this trip if weather permits this weekend:
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62 miles today... Two decent hills (Page Mill and West OLH for those in the Bay Area). Good times...

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