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40 miles early in the morning!
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24 miles again. Building a road bike, hoping to do like 36-42 miles with that.
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Just getting into cycling. Rode ~38 mi. @ 17.7 mph. Pretty flat course. I'm finding it's great exercise and easy on the knees. Also realizing it's much better to ride with friends than alone. Since I started about three months ago I've had 5 flats...two were at the same time courtesy of a pothole that I saw too late.
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50.7 miles this morning and bootcamp this evening... I'm spent!
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"How Many Miles Did You RIDE Today?"
About 6km.
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Did about 60 miles (100 kilometers) both today and yesterday, rehearsing for next Sunday's tour de Helsinki (87 miles). Started to rain about 20 minutes after getting back home. smile.gif
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I ride 12.5 miles everyday to school. try to do 30 mile rides in the evening about 3 times a week.

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Zero miles today. But I recently moved to an apartment that is about 50 yards from the katy trail in Missouri, which is a 200 mile long trail. I can't wait to get a bike and start riding a few times a week. Hopefully I'll be able to contribute to this thread soon.
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Sunday actually rode about 10 miles yesterday on the W&OD trail in Va. It was a nice short ride in perfect weather. What was particularly nice was that there is a horse/nature trail with lots of variety running alongside it, so I got to take my cx bike off-road for the first time. Felt especially good after watching the Charm City Cross in Baltimore on Sat. Great fun.
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20 metres, 1km/h, off road.
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51 miles +/-. GPS stopped about 2/3 through my normal route.
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Approximately 110km (65 miles?) - forgot to reset my computer at the start of the ride and didn't bother to map a long section where I doubled back. Some (fast) older guy was on my wheel, so I thought my riding buddies were keeping pace because I could see and hear a bike behind me. They weren't...rode back a few km to find that one had stopped after knocking the sensor for his computer so that it banged the other sensor on the spoke once every rotation.

Same guy also flatted and had to stop to tighten his stem after his bars began to slip. Quick guy and a good mate, but still working out teething issues on a new bike.

Maximum speed this morning: 74km/h.
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13 off road miles in two hours. Only ate a yoghurt before I left facepalm.gif
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9.49 Miles 1 hour and 2 mins according to GPS. I just started riding again and am out of shape, 5'11 and 233 pounds. I ride around town, FYI.



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