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35 miles today 50 degrees with 91% humidity feels pretty damn cold.
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man, didnt know there was a cycling thread on here, though it makes sense. I need to buy a trainer to ride inside, i havent been out in weeks thanks to this ohio weather
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Lulz. Incoherent spamming accounts.
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lol how was that spam?
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Zcaad9, there was post after yours that was obviously spam. I reported it and I'm sure others did as well. I think it was something about an Asian matchfinder service or something like that. Glad to see it was promptly removed. It seems like there are more and more spam posts showing up on these boards.
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ah ok, thought you meant me. and yes even though I have been on this forum a couple of weeks Ive noticed a fair amount of spam, more than any other forums im in
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42k in the snow yesterday. Got pretty cold towards the end, but the Anacostia in the snow and twilight is quite beautiful.
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2hr on the rollers...cant...wait....for...spring.
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Got in 33 miles yesterday on a cool 40F day. I need to get some toe warmers. I might've lasted longer if my toes weren't frozen by about mile 20.
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Originally Posted by Redline9k View Post
2hr on the rollers...cant...wait....for...spring.

i rolled for one half of the chelsea arsenal game.
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42km. 50 degrees today, practically summer.
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25 miles, about 28/30 degrees. definitely not summer
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46 miles, average pace ~21 mph, ~3500 feet of gain

for those familiar with the san diego area, after 40 miles i still made it up Torrey Pines in under 7 minutes
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Yesterday: Gross, wet criterium with tons of fog: 18mi, ~23mph. Got caught behind an accordion on the last turn with 400m to go, cruised in with the front 20... Today: Climbing repeats for an hour and a half, some big ring climbing as well. 20mi, 2000ft gained.
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Just got a Kurt Kinetic Road Machine and did an hour yesterday. Still trying to break in my new Adamo saddle, but I already notice a difference compared to my old Arione.
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