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Can't wait to get to the track this Saturday; wish I was a 58:

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I rode 70 miles on Saturday with 5300ft of climbing. Practice ride for a 103 mile 8300ft of climbing ride I have in October with Levi Leipheimer.
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My first 100 mile ride/race today. I refuse to call it a century. It involved 2000' of elevation gain over two passes. The first pass was 600' into a 25 mph wind. Brutal. I had to pedal going downhill into the wind. Fun though overall.
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I was so busy recently,so have no time to ride
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10 mi yesterday.
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I'll work my way up to 70 and 100 rides someday. For now I'm stuck on 38 mile rides like the one I did yesterday.
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4miles today
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16 miles...half of it against the gusty wind that nearly blew me off the bike. Made me wish I had some "granny gears"
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41.56 cold miles at about 67 F.
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160 miles with ~3,500ft of elevation over a day and a morning this weekend (in the cold and wet of Northern Scotland)

First proper ride for over a decade, and didn't feel too bad afterwards (apart from the shoulder I landed on when I crashed as my rear tire burst at 30mph
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Had a really lovely (if chilly) ride in this morning. The usual 6 or so miles. Took a photo of the sun rising over the capitol building. Trying to figure out how to get it from my phone to my computer...

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School and back: 10 miles
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5 miles on stationary
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Here's my fitness ride that I do for cross training with running. I did it today. I love this quick 12.5mile route from east Williamsburg to downtown brooklyn over the manhattan bridge through soho/chinatown back over the Williamsburg bridge loop. Take note: it does transverse the "great hipster silk route" twice. But its mostly commuters on the time I ride it (either early morning or after 5pm). You can get fast on the bridges and in downtown brooklyn/williamsburg, but you also have to deal with chinatown and traffic lights.
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Did 103 miles on Saturday with Levi Leipheimer! It was sick
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