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quick 10.
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Probably almost killed myself yesterday... 31.1 miles in the heat and humidity of Dallas. I started out my morning ride when it was only about 92 F. I got home and promptly slept for about 2 hours. I woke up and it was 103 F outside with the same 70+% humidity I felt in the morning.
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I'm moving in the next 2 weeks to a much hillier area. It is inspiring me to start riding again. Can't wait
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6 to work on the new ride. Awesome.

edit: another 6 home, at least 1.5 of which I had to walk uphill. Holy crap it was hot and humid out. I'm not even going to try this weekend with the 100+ degree days.
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Just getting back into cycling. Only my third ride on my new bike.

Did 16 miles last night.
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I got 3 miles from home when the lightening kicked in. So I went back. That's the first turnback I've ever done. Fast flashes of lightening are too much for me. But I got 70 miles in on Sunday and 40 yesterday, so I'm good so far for the week.
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Got in 34 Sun morning and 32 yesterday evening. If I can remember to stay sufficiently hydrated throughout the day, then I'll try another 30 miles this evening.
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Rode a gentle 15 today. Felt good. Still pretty hot and windy, but it was nice being on a bike again. Want to start riding more in the morning.
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Gusty winds today, so instead of the anicipated 20 ended up doing only 12. Plus, I need to adjust my fork/seat for a much lower aerodynamic position to battle the winds
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30 miles on a downright cold 85 degree evening compared to 30 miles yesterday at 100 (at 8:00PM) with humidity well over 70%.
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6 in to work this morning. It was just beautiful.

But it's amazing how quickly the seasons are changing. I needed lights today. In a couple weeks, if things continue in this trend, I'll need long sleeves and full-finger gloves in the morning.

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First cross practice of the season!

Of course that means I have no idea how far I lets just say it was twisting/turning/jumping for 1:15 and then 8 or so miles from there to work
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98 km last saturday. Got a weekend planned with a couple of friends with a total of nearly 300 km (2 and a half days of riding) coming up
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