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Games are all tested and working. All prices include shipping in the Continental US. For international, contact me. For questions on individual items, please post in the thread. Here we go:


Final Fantasy - Complete with box, instructions, maps, etc... $50
Zelda - with box and slip case $17
Adventures of Link - game and slip case $12
Dragon Warrior IV - game and slip case $35

Super Nintendo:

Legend of Zelda - game only $20
Breath of Fire 2 - game only $25
Final Fantasy 3 - game only $25
Final Fantasy 2 - with map and instruction manual $25
Secret of Mana - game only $35
Chrono Trigger - with map and instruction manual $60
Illusion of Gaia - Complete with manuals and Box $25
Lufia 2 - with map/item guide and instruction manual $65
Secret of Evermore - Complete with box, maps, guides, and manuals $35


Final Fantasy VII - original black label issue complete with case and instruction manual. discs have some scratches but they do not affect game play. $50