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This is a great thread. I'm 6,2'' and 150, so "skinny guy" has been the curse of my life. I found a place called Hugh and Crye with a Tall/Skinny size that fits like a custom shirt. Can't praise it enough. Here's a link or just Google it. http://www.hughandcrye.com/?ref_id=7422867501.



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Most of you are lucky, there are plenty of places to get clothes for guys under 6' 3".   Try being 6' 6" 170lbs.     Please if anyone has any leads on clothes I'm desperate.   I need 32 x 38 pants/jeans, and dress shirts size of 16.5" neck with 38" sleeve length.    ANYBODY have any suggestions?!?

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For Jeans, Momotaro 0701's.

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Paul Fredrick has pants that go to 38" unhemmed. It probably would make more sense (re value) to get the 16.5x38 dress shirts MTM or bespoke, locally at first.
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When I first read this thread, the 'no chinos' rule was a revelation - so THAT'S what's wrong!

I still more or less cleave to it, but there are exceptions; the key, as always, is fit, particularly a taper so you don't get 'flappy calves' syndrome. And a high rise is essential.

I've found Cordings' chinos work well with my beanpole physique and they come unfinished with a 38" inside leg. Likewise, Dickies slim fit, and a pair of Norse Project khakis. It's all to do with trying them on and seeing what works. Dockers just never do.
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Shout out for:

  • Naked and Famous Weird Guy jeans
  • Tom Ford Fit Y or O'Connor model suits
  • Eton shirts off the rack in slim fit (sleeves are truly 35 inches)
  • Sam Hober bespoke ties (I am 59 inches by 3.75 inches with an extra 1/8 at the knot)
  • 2 inch cuffs on your trousers. Tough, ideally you need 6 more inches than your inseam.


Stay away from:

  • Skinny ties
  • Sknny lapels
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Well, For all tall and skinny guys I highly recommend to wear three button suit and must button the top two buttons, adding a bit extra break on trousers cuffs and lastly avoiding completely round shape shoes can work well. I know some of these tips are common but still quite essential!!

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I'm looking for a coat for spring.

For thin people like me, what kind of coat that fits best? Harrington jacket will look good? other?

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