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I really like a lot of cp company clothes just bought a jacket. Great value for the $200 I bought it for.

Here scandinavia Stone Island is nothing more than a hooligan-label. If you wear a jacket or sweater with their badge you better be prepared to fight eith the other hooligans..
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Originally concieved by Massimo Osti, CP Company and Stone Island evolved in the 80's as a line that hyped Expedition wear with advanced technology in fabrications.
Some of his designs actually transformed into other products such as Kites, Tents etc.
Because of his revolutionary ideas in design, there was a traveling show that set up in various museums around the world showing his creations. Also there are collectors of his stuff.

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Hi dont post here that much but thought I'd drop in my two cents since this is one of my favorite topics.
I think writing off a brand because of sizing was off is a bit silly. SI is a true Italian brand so their sizing is tailored to a much smaller Italian customer. I'm sorry to hear that you had an issue with sizing as SI size is a bit tricky to get used to. I wear a (48) winter and (50) Summer. If you follow those guides you'll be ok. With Stone Island you either love it or you hate it. Its very similar to the brand loyalty you find in apple customers(btw im a mfanboy). It's construction, function, and design are lost on the mass market. Simple things like Lino and Raso gommato, rubberized linen an cotton, make a plain and simple garment into something that is both waterproof and functional as well as luxurious. And they were doing this 25 years ago. The SI brand itself has been around for over 25 years, and like drink8648 says there are avid collectors of the brand including myself, while a small collector I have over 60 jackets alone. And why, you would ask. A lot has to do with the timelessness of the SI design. I have jackets 10-25 years old that are still the most sought after pieces and worn today. The best pieces have transcended being a fashion garment and have become true pieces of art. Its sad that Osti doesn't get the recognition he deserves. cause he was a true force in pioneering and revolutionizing the men's wear industry. While most fashion designers move collars and pockets around. Otis while leading CP and Stone Island actually invented over I believe its 30,000 fabrics. The main issue with the Stone Island in the states is that people never get to see any of the best pieces produced and the subtly is lost on the US consumer. I live in NYC and the two stores that carry it are guaranteed to be stocked with the worst pieces of the line. Thus all my pieces i purchase are direct from Italy or Korea where the best pieces of SI and CP are released. I actually write a stone island blog in my spare time if you intrested in learning a bit more.
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I love CP company. I have bought much of it, and also love some things my father got decades ago. At times, absolutely perfect casual clothing, in my opinion.

One of my favourite pieces of late was a casual jacket that evoked feelings of a suit jacket by virtue of it's construction (notch lapels, etc.) but had many unusual features, including the aforementioned (detachable) hood with goggles.

Great brand.
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I would like to know if there is a company somewhere that makes decent quality and nice jackets for around 250 dollars.
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Hey Gary,  i'm psyched to see you on here, though it's been a long time.

I bought a CP Company leather jkt via eBay in size 52.  It's a short leather jkt with 4 patch pockets in dark brown.

My problem is i can barely fit my arms in the sleeves as they're so narrow.  In addition i can hardly button the front as the chest barely reaches together.

I'm really disappointed as i love the jacket.  Any recommendation for either selling it to a collector or consigning it?

i paid $350 for it, in "as new" condition.  seller has a no-return policy.

I'm sooo bummed as it's a beautiful piece.

Hope all's well.


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any one know which collection this goggle coat is from?
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ma strum white label are making some pretty cool gear with goggles inspired by skiing, quite pricey £450-£900

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I've got some Older CP garments to sell. Any collectors, please contact me.
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