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Originally Posted by seok
thinman, how much were the Stowes from the shoe shop sale last sum?

$150. They didn't last long!
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I got a pair of the Stowes from shoeshop last year too. Ah, good times.

I almost got a pair of the Grensons this morning, but didn't since I kind of needed the money. Oh well.

But I did wear my tan Oundles from the last Bennies sale in commemoration of "Grenson Day".
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I got the strap loafer in dark brown, 9.5D. I really wanted that split toe blucher, but they disappeared quickly this morning and I was at the dentist when they apparently reappeared. I'm a bit concerned about Tiger's comment about having to size up with the chiseled last, rather than down. If that strap loafer runs small, I'll probably have to give it up. For the record, I only held one extra shoe in my cart (tan suede cap-toe brogue, 9.5D) for about 5 extra minutes this morning before I put it back in circulation. It seemed like some people held a lot of inventory in their cart all morning without buying. Bad form.
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These two pairs for me:
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Here are the shoes I bought (I didn't save the original pictures, so this is a re-creation based on my memory and pictures of shoes still on the site in other sizes). First, a companion for my black Stowes (cognac?):

and a loafer (chocolate?):

They're rather plain, but the Stowe is extremely versatile and the finish on the loafer looks good enough to eat (chocolate anyone?), so I'm pleased. Since I think there were only 3 pairs of size 12 and 5 pairs of 11.5, I feel fortunate. Now, I just hope they fit.
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Here's the one I that picked up....

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Going into the sale, I had one shoe on my radar -- the Stowe -- and was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to order it. Unlike most Stowes for sale, the one coming my way is not made from chestnut calfskin, but two different leathers: brown calfskin in the front and chocolate brown suede in the back. I am eager to see what it looks like "in the flesh."
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That's a nice shoe, AC. It's one of my favorite of the whole lot:
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how are you going to polish that?
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VERY carefully!
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Andrew and AC nice pickups, AC I especially like the two-tones you must take pics when you recieve. I wish I could say the samething for myself, alas size 8 selections were lacking, always the PS sale to look forward to...
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chorse - amazing! I love them.
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Portnoy and AC: Fantastic shoes. The RJman got squat.
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Wonderful shoes AC and Andrew! You both did very well!!
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I picked up I think the No. 74, a cap-toe in what looks to be medium chesnut or cognac. I hope it's not black, but the Web site didn't specify, and I called after Chris had left and spoke to someone who told me the colors are all pretty much true to the picture.
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