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Another way of moving files that are too large to email is to use a USB memory key, if you have one.
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Well...The problem is the computer's in New York and I'm back here in good ole Texas...
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It's likely that any computer running DirectCD will be able to read, then close, the disk for you. Got a neighbor?
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What is Direct CD?
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It's a common program that enables CD-R/RW drives to perform 'packet writing' -- what the data transfer to a CD is called, which happens to be something CDs were really not intended for. DirectCD is not the only program that does this, but it is by far the most common. Most computers with win98 or better and a CD-R/RW drive will have it. I think I asked if your drive was an R/RW (essentially just to check if you have that program available -- if you do, there could be other problems. Typing directcd in the Run window from the Start menu will open it if you do). I'm with CC above, though, shell out the 20 bucks or whatever and get a USB keydrive if your computer supports USB and be done with data transfer via CD. It never really was good, it was just bigger. ~ Huntsman
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