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Originally Posted by thinman
As I recall, no one in _Southern_ CA carries EG, correct?

That's true when I checked in November 2005, unless you count the ones Ralph Lauren sells. I don't know of any shoe in that class or higher being sold in SoCal, except perhaps for the odd JL Paris that show up in NM or Hermes. Barneys has a small selection of C&J, but I'm not sure which line they're from. Ian Daniels has sporadic shipments of St. Crispins.

Custom shoe makers do show up. I think Cleverley makes a stop in Beverly Hills every so often, and we have our share of cowboy bootmakers.

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wow! the cowdray is nice....but where do you get it? i don't remember pediwear having that model..??
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Foxx, the Cowdray is only available from C&J Paris, however the London store can order you a pair.

They also have an antiquing service.
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hmmm....torn! torn like an old sweater!

I'm going to obtain additional details of the Edward Green Newmarket boots, and attempt to make payment via Paypal with
Since i'm about to begin my new job, i guess i'll spring for them! only thing is, they will take at least 5 weeks to get here, as he has to order them (but, i won't be wearing them until fall anyway.... )
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Originally Posted by The_Foxx
Got a message from Plal today; it sure sounds good to me!!!

"We haven't yet started carrying them [newmarket boots] yet but we're planning to bring in our first order soon so if there's anything you need, please let me know.

The price of Newmarket will be M$2999 (about US$799, a bit more now due to exchange rate) - but we can offer you free shipping via registered airmail if you're charging to your credit card. Basically:

M$2699 (about US$699) for standard stock shoes

M$2999 (about US$799) for hand-sewn and boot stock styles

M$565 (US$150) surcharge for special orders of less than 3 pairs per style/colour.

M$369 (US$99) for same-last trees.

Best regards,

I'm not sure I understand correctly those rates...
What would that mean for a pair of, say, Berkeley in black on the 82 last ?
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If that is a special order the price would be about $850 USD.
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