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ebay seller: theverytopshelf

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i've received several emails from people asking if this person is associated with me, or IS me. this person is selling kiton and borrelli that he can't possibly own and is using my images. Bid at your own risk because, since he's using my images, i'm guessing there is NO WAY he has these items and is going to rip a LOT of people off. the canali and robert graham, maybe he has, but those images are mine and i am not associated with him. thanks to the people who already alerted me (i don't know if this should also be posted in the general forum, mods can determine). i alerted ebay about this but the last time i alerted ebay about someone using my images they wouldn't do anything to make them remove them.
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Hmm, you could possibly tell them you're going to file a DMCA takedown notice. My understanding is that if you assert that you own the copyright to the images, they have to take them down.
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You might also want to watermark your images.
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