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The Power of a Suit

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I am a full time college student and work full time, so I almost never get to wear a suit. However, Friday I had an academic conference to go to and decided to wear a suit. It was not mandatory. Most of the people there were professors and dressed quite badly in old and worn clothing. I wore a navy suit, pink oxford shirt, and a green RLPL paisley tie, and cordovan shoes. The suit was not the best brand (Michael Kors) but the fit is excellent. I was the best dressed person there and felt great wearing a suit. It made me feel more confident and made me look more serious. I received many compliments and some people did not recognize me at all dressed up. I realized how much I enjoy wearing suits and how much I am looking forward ro graduating so I cna purchase nicer suits and wear them more often. I just wanted to let others on here know how great wearing a suit made me feel. I imagine many on here feel the same way.
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I think this is why some who work from home put on a suit. I think the obvious convention is that wearing a suit effects the way people around you perceive you. I would also add that it effects the way you carry yourself, which also effects the way people perceive you!

Just get prepared for a hobby you are getting an early start on - its easy to go hog wild sometimes!
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This reminds me of a little anecdote: having a newborn at home, I'm in the process of relocating my little family to a larger flat. This means that in the meantime, people will come visit my current apartment which is opened for rent. Eventhough I was on holidays, I fully dressed up to welcome the visitors (suits, tie, frenchcuffs) pretending I was back from work or something to walk them through the apartment. It worked like a charm, they were very polite and spent 15 minutes visiting.

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Hey Jeff, didn't you use to be mrgoblueguy? Were you wiped out entirely by the Great Crash?
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Yes, I did used to be mrgoblueguy. Thanks for noticing. I have 2 more weeks of classes then will be mrcollegegraduate. I was upset that the crash wiped me out, but I am back and learning tons again from the forum. I am glad to be back.
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