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LL Bean + Rogues Gallery = LL Bean Signature

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Interesting article in the NY Times this morning. Rogues Gallery's Alex Carleton is now heading up LL Bean's design team and creating a new collection "LL Bean Signature" with trimmer fits and more stylish options. The price point seems good too. If LL Bean keeps up its usual quality, this could be very interesting.

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here it is i am very excited about this fit seemed to be the one deterrent about the regular LL Bean line glad they have plans to do something about it
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Very interesting, thanks for posting that.
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Thanks for the link, sounds real promising. I haven't bought anything from LL Bean since I was a wee lad (I have been eyeing their engineer boots though...) but if they stick to the price point as stated and if Alex does a good job, it could be interesting. As much as I really love what Daiki Suzuki is doing, I can't afford his stuff at retail and a similar aesthetic for a fraction of the price would be great.
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Thanks for the heads up...def looking forward to this. Hopefully, they can come out with a katadhin type workboot in black.
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"We're not looking to be sold at Colette," Mr. Carleton said, referring to the avant-garde fashion emporium in Paris. "This is for modern, everyday dressing. My goal is not to challenge you. My goal is to make your life better."
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This is one of the few times where I feel a brand coming out with a "vintage" line or whatever you want to call it doesn't seem forced. Thought right now I only have a pair of bean boots and some flannel lined jeans, they've been great to me for the past few years.
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Another step in the right direction for Bean.

I have some old catalogs of theirs I've been meaning to scan...

The further they get from this, the better--

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This sounds great. Can we pre-order that Marine sweater?
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I have read the LL story and find it quite interesting, they seem to put the focus on giving thier consumer what they want but also providng good value - good to see that they continue to do so.
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Definitely sounds interesting... good luck to the bean.
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I hope they include some upgraded mocs in the line and bring back the dirty bucks.
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I am very very excited for this.
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Now that is some nice news for this line. I agree that if the prices remain close to what he estimates, then I forsee some very good things happening in the future for sure.
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Ah, that's interesting. Alex used to work there back in the day.

And the former creative director of Hickey is now in charge of Rogues. I'm sure they'll be good things coming from both sides.
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