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I hope some of these things are being messed up in translation.
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Originally Posted by Magician View Post
Yeah, that is a little much. I can't help but think it's somewhat deliberate on Poell's part (his famous exclusiveness peaking through, or even just translation awkwardness.

Here's the article I'm referring too:
(in German)

And a translation, courtesy of Merz on SZ:

This bit resonated really strongly with me:

Even back then Poell, whose grandfather was already in the leather crafts, had a inclination to the bizarre, fixed stitches with tape instead of yarn, processed horse skin until it was transparent and coloured leather with ox blood to "give back taken life"

I have never doubted that he is a gifted designer, but nothing in that piece suggests that he is an intellectual heavyweight. As for his shows, they are just as much theater as a runway show. I expect that he knows this, and that the talk is just PR bullshit, and particularly pretentious "never goes on sale"... blah... blah, blah... bullshit at that. As we've seen, even Atelier goes on sale when the chips are down. I would like to know if Poell is now asking to buy back all his shit. He sounds like a real ponce. I prefer guys like Neil Barrett and Christopher Bailey, who make no bones about the fact that they are in a business and that if what they do is art, it is not a particularly elevated form of art.

Edit: I rate him as needing 3 punches in the balls, with the Imitation of Christ chicks rating a 10 (I'm sure we could find some to go up to 11) and John Varvatos rating a 0 (you might not like his designs, but the man is a pretty straight up guy.)
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Since we are on the subject of scarves--I picked up these yesterday. I had a hard time photographing the silk Dries. Doesn't do it justice--the fabric is amazing.

Paul Smith

By DLester


By DLester


By DLester
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like that dries
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i like the ps
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poell is the ultimate 'fuck you' designer, $8000 jackets made of paper that rips after wearing it.
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Originally Posted by kelvinsense View Post
i like the ps

that's cuz you're trad, it's never hard to guess which kelvin likes

I'd love a poell overlock jacket.
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there is a guy on ebay.co.uk who does pretty convincing knock offs (including overlocks) for like $400-$500 us
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I don't do replica.
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well, poell doesn't do sale, so I guess it's time to man up
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i feel like making a scarf thread
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time to man up on some slim shorts first dawg
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find someone who makes some
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I got slim tapered shorts for ya. Sper 120's, beltless with side tabs, single pleat, slim tapered, small cuff.
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are you saying that you sell/make these items
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