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Is that the green BoO? What's it like?
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^ the fabric is really really soft, a bit thin and the colour is not as vibrant as in the picture
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Man, I really wanted that green BoO batiste shirt for whatever reason. Anyways, after my binge: John Bull Chambray shirt OCxUniqlo Linen Suit 2x BoO ties Shipley and Halmos cashmere sweater Woolrich Woolen Mills cap Filson x UO Navy Duffel Relwen Yellow Rain Coat + Khaki Board shorts Gilded Age Natural Indigo long sleeve Polo Gilded Age Grey Short Sleeve Polo was that it? Man, I hope for my finances sample sale season ends soon (it won't).
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I just picked these up, loooooove em
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^those are pretty fuckin sick
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Originally Posted by jet View Post
^those are pretty fuckin sick
huh Sick good, or sick ugh.
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How much and where to cop?
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I was gonna cop some carpes .. but those look the same and I bet are a lot cheaper
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Cop? huh? Sorry, not used to the lingo. They were $170.
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Translation: Where'd you get them?
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Oh. Small local shop in the mall, not a chain sorry. For those in Vancouver Island, its One Step Above. I wasnt sure if they were being bashed.. "sick" can be interpreted 2 ways lol, and i have no clue what "cop" is. But ya, i was happy with the find, they are great boots and the price is hard to beat.
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oh the humor of it all
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Lots of stuff you folks have seen before here. By DLester By DLester By DLester By DLester
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Nice (last) cop
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TSE wool cardigan
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